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Top 5 Best VPN Service Reviews

Updated: November 8th, 2017

Here is a list of the top 5 best VPNs currently available in 2017:






→ ExpressVPN is arguably the most popular and globally-loved VPN service provider currently out there. It boasts fast speeds, multiple servers and a stable service on sharp user interfaces over all supported devices. Read more...

→ NordVPN offers one of the best free versions of their VPN software that we've seen on the market.  Read more...

→ IPVanish was a little slow out of the gate when it first launched. However, they have worked incredibly hard since then, and now offer a VPN service that is definitely one of the best out there. Super fast speeds combined with a "zero log" security policy make them a great choice. Read more...


$6.67 / month

private internet access

→ One of the oldest VPN service providers out there, PIA has a great reputation and offers speeds comparable to the best out there. Depending on the price package selected, their level of security is quite varied. Definitely worth checking out. Read more...


$9.99 / month

unblock netflix purevpn

→ PureVPN are one of the most well known names in the VPN service provider space. They are the go-to choice for a large number of users that prioritise ease-of-use and consistent performance over high-level encryption and thus privacy protection. Read more...

We have personally tried out and fully reviewed over 100 of the world's "top rated" VPN providers available today. After comparing the very best of these with one another, we decided to help people looking for the best VPN by putting together this short and sweet list of the top 5 best VPN service

Be sure to let us know your thoughts and feedback on this list by commenting below. Each VPN in this list also has a comprehensive review that you can check out below each star-rating. Enjoy!

Individual breakdown of each VPN...

#1 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN logo

Overall Score




Customer Service

Company Summary

ExpressVPN have consistently remained untouchable as the best VPN service on the market for many years now. In 2017, it is no different. This VPN provider offer the best level of quality and balance across speed, security and user experience. They may have a slightly higher price point than some of their competitors, however this is entirely fair for the level of service you get when using them. 

Pricing Summary

$12.95 for one month account
$9.99 per month for 6 month account
$8.32 per month for 12 month account​


Operating System Compatibility

VPN Protocols Offered





- Money back guarantee of 30 days

- All mobile devices have dedicated applications for easy use of the VPN

- All major payment options accepted, along with lesser known ones too

- One of the fastest setup processes around


- Pricing is not for every budget


On your quest to find the absolute best VPN in 2017, you need to consider 4 major factors with every provider you look into:

1. Speed

When you connect to any VPN, your internet connection will suffer a drop in speed. Nothing significant, however this does vary depending on which VPN service provider you go with.

If your biggest reason for using a VPN is to unblock geo-restricted online content and websites from around the globe, then this may not seem like a big deal. However, say you are trying to unblock the US version of Netflix from your non-US location. This means that you are wanting to stream video content, right? So the last thing you want is to have a really slow internet speed that causes the movie/TV show you're watching to constantly be 'buffering' or even worse: not even load at all. 

This is where the VPN "speed" really needs to be considered. All 5 VPNs in this guide have been tested and show to offer the smallest drops in your internet connection once connected to them. 

2. Encryption

Protecting your online data and activity privacy is the main reason to use a VPN. You want to encrypt your online data from the second you are online until the moment you're not. So choosing a VPN that provides the highest level of data encryption protocols is of paramount importance. 

By now, in 2017, there are encryption standards that every self-respecting VPN provider should reach by default. However, there are many that do not adhere to this and instead cut corners with this in order to give users a faster internet connection (when you add encryption to your internet connect, this is what causes a loss in speed), which goes against the entire reason to use a VPN. 

The 5 best VPNs recommended in this guide all strike the best balance they can between not slacking on encryption while still giving the fastest speeds they can.

UPDATE: PureVPN have recently been exposed to making this exact sacrifice by having large data leaks reported by users. 

3. Customer Service

This consideration is one that is often overlooked by many people that are looking to answer the big question of "What is the best VPN service in 2017?". The main reason for this is that customer support is not really something that anyone can accurately test until they have already purchased the software and have required help with an issue.

Thus, this is where such guides like this best 5 VPN providers - along with the in-depth reviews of each VPN that we have conducted really help out those that want to know what they are getting into. 

What do you want, no, what do you deserve from a VPN provider's customer support? You should expect it to be fast, detailed and friendly. Simple. Along with this, you want to ideally have a VPN service that offer 24/7 live chat on their website as standard -- which all of the above 5 VPN providers offer. 

4. Features

Lastly, you want to see what kind of additional features are provided by the VPN you are considering going with. What does this mean specifically? Well, most top quality VPN services these days do not feel comfortable just simply offering a standard VPN service. They want to go the extra mile and give their users little add-ons that make either the actual service run more effectively/efficiently, or enhance the user-experience -- or both. 

The most common features you will see VPNs giving users are the likes of a 'Kill Switch', that when enabled will automatically cut-off your entire internet connection on the device you're using if the VPN connection drops. This makes sure you online privacy is not compromised at all in such an event. You can also expect to find helpful little integrations to make using the software as easy as possible, such as a 'save favourite server locations' and 'save favourite VPN configurations' options, that allow you to connect as fast and simply as possible each time. 

These 4 aspects are the most important considerations to look into when deciding which VPN to choose for you. Of course budget should be taken into consideration also, however always keep in mind that with a VPN, 99.9999% of the time you definitely "get what you pay for". 

Thanks for taking the time to read through our answers to the question of "What is the best VPN service in 2017?".
Good luck choosing the one for you!