Fried.com was created to be an independent publication that provides honest, transparent, and accurate information to our readers. We’re committed to being open with you, our readers about how we’re able to support our work. As a company we must always put you, our readers, first and we must do so while simultaneously paying the salaries of the dedicated people who keep this site operating.

How we do what we do

When testing a new service or reviewing a new product we also ensure the reviewer has extensive experience with the product before writing a review. If the reviewer has negative feedback about the product we always publish this regardless of our relationship with the company behind the product. We’ll never recommend a product we’re not happy with ourselves and if we did so we’d be out of business pretty quickly as we’d lose the trust we have with you, our readers. Some review sites have a shortsighted approach to this and will review products positively even if is terrible in hopes of making money from sales.

How we make money

When we talk about a product or service we’ll normally link to it. Some of these links allow us to earn a commission or referral fee from the company selling the product. We also link to company and websites that we have no advertiser relationship with. If we do link to a product or service it is because we believe it’s worth taking a look and because it fits the context of article or review we’ve posted.

Clicking on one of our links will NOT cost you extra money. In fact, the price stays the same or is cheaper if we’ve negotiated a better deal for our readers. The only difference is we’ll receive a share of the sale price.

Why do this if we’re anti-tracking? 

Referral fees may sound like a gray area but it’s not. Most of the worlds largest online brands like Amazon, Apple, eBay, Alibaba, and others have affiliate programs and most of the worlds largest IT publishers participate in these affiliate marketing programs.

Yes, we do advocate for security and privacy so we’re extremely cautious of how we use this technology. We only use affiliate links so we can track whether you’ve signed up for a service in order to benefit from it. There’s no purpose beyond that and we will never invade your privacy or annoy you with ads.

We appreciate your support. 

The referral fees we receive pay for our reviewers, our web hosting, the tools we use, the developers who build this site, and the writers who work on it. It costs you nothing but we still appreciate your support. If you’d prefer to block any sort of tracking from this site we do understand.