Best VPN for Kodi

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Best VPN for Kodi

Update: July 13, 2016

Kodi is arguably one of the biggest on demand media streaming services around today. This service, previously known as "XMBC", is a super user-friendly and easy-to-setup media streaming service that allows you simple, fast access to online entertainment. 

You can use Kodi to access all forms of media one would want, from movies to music to games, and much more. The reason this service is so popular and widely used around the globe is because -- although it doesn't give you "ready to watch" content within the service -- it does allow users to add as many individual streaming channels as you want of both your desktop and mobile devices (either through your own personal device storage or through the web.) 

With all the said, there is one glaring issue with Kodi, especially since it is used by users all over the world: 

best vpn for kodi

!!!!!     Geo-restricted content     !!!!!

Yes, the ever-frustrating thing that so many websites and online services (especially media streaming services) love to implement. Geo-restricted content, in a nutshell, is what online services use to block users outside specific locations from accessing their service and media. 

These restrictions can be incredibly annoying and deny you from that great stream of entertainment you are really looking for to accessing through Kodi. 

However, there is a solution that allows you to bypass these restrictions immediately and easily: by using a Virtual Private Network -- or VPN for short. 

Using a VPN gives you the ability to literally trick any geo-restricted online service into giving you access to their library of media, without requiring you to change your physical location. This means that a VPN allows you to get full access to all the possibilities that Kodi can offer from the comfort of your own home (and any other country you may travel to.)

So effective are VPNs for getting you access to Kodi's entire channel list, that there are now well over 100+ VPN providers that deliver a top-level service. This is great, however it also means that to find the best VPN Kodi users would want to use, you need to go through the ocean of VPN providers and test each out in order to make an educated choice on which provider to go with. 

I wanted to remove this huge time-draining step for you by shortlisting 5 of the very best VPNs Kodi users should go with, with a breakdown of each provider's pros and cons. 

So check out the 5 best VPNs for accessing Kodi below!








$8.32 / month

ExpressVPN logo

↑        Most Recommended        ↑


$8.32 / month


$8.32 / month



$8.32 / month

Individual breakdown of each VPN...

#1 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN logo

Overall Score




Customer Service

Company Summary

This VPN provider is arguably the best in the business. ExpressVPN users get super fast speeds along with tight privacy protection encryption. The speeds are consistent across all server connections, which is ideal for Kodi users, since smooth streaming is priority number one. It also helps that the actual software is really user-intuitive and simple to setup.

Pricing Summary

$12.95 for one month account
$9.99 per month for 6 month account
$8.32 per month for 12 month account​

Homepage Snapshot


Operating System Compatibility

VPN Protocols Offered





- 30 day money back guarantee offered

- Fully dedicated apps for all mobile devices

- Multiple payment options given 

- Super fast to setup and connect to


- Pricing is in the high-end range

- You are required to have different logins when using multiple devices

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