How to Access Kickass

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How to Access Kickass

Updated: February 25, 2016

  1. To access Kickass, start with setting up a VPN account
  2. Next, install the VPN software onto the device(s) you want to access Kickass on
  3. Open the VPN software then connect to a server location where you know Kickass is accessible from, for example a Hong Kong based server
  4. Then go to Kickass and you will have full access

How to access Kickass in more detail:

NOTE: To access Kickass I use a VPN. With so many VPN providers to choose from, I personally reviewed the best ones out there and decided on ExpressVPN for this solution. Check it out here for more info:

how to access kickass

File-sharing online via the BitTorrent protocol is arguably one of the most efficient ways to share movies, music, software and much more between users all over the globe. 

Since "torrenting" first came on the scene many years ago, more and more torrent hosting websites have come and gone. Some have been shut down after fighting highly ambiguous and exciting legal battles with content owners and individual national stances. 

However, one such torrenting website, Kickass, has managed to continue to fly the flag on fair file sharing; keeping their service in the game right up into 2016. Although having been blocked, shut down and (what I can only imagine) hundreds of thousands of legal battles/correspondence to go through, Kickass still stands strong. 

With all that said, there are still instances where Kickass is blocked from accessing through your browser and in some extreme cases even at your ISP (Internet Service Provider's) level. So I wanted to put together this quick guide that gives an effective solution on how to access Kickass once and for all. Enjoy. 

Why is Kickass Blocked?

let's quickly lay out the main reasons that Kickass may be blocked on your device. As I just mentioned, there are a few ways in which Kickass may be blocked for you, but the main reason behind such blocks is quite specific. 

As you can expect, most browsers (Chrome, FireFox, etc) and ISPs are essentially legally obligated or "strongly advised" to block Kickass from being accessed on their services, by lawyers representing the companies that own some of the media/software that is being shared freely on Kickass. 

Essentially, some legal fights are taken "all the way to the top" and some result in demands on web browsers and ISPs to block Kickass from being accessed through them by legal entities, "or else". Thus, rather than fight a battle that would not have a huge impact on their number of users, web browsers and ISPs choose to fold and put in place the requested blocks on Kickass. 

How is Kickass Blocked?

In order to best understand why the solution I describe below, it helps to understand the actual technical approach used by IPSs that block access to Kickass. 

So what is actually happening to implement the blocks to Kickass by your ISP? Well, basically your ISP supplies you with a connection to a server they own, which is what connects you to the web and allows you to to all the stuff you want (that they allow) on the web. 

This means that you IP address is what dictates what online websites and services are restricted or allowed to you. You see, your IP address is a numerical representation of the connection between your device and the server your ISP is connecting you to. 

With all that said, if you are able to somehow change your IP address (i.e. the physical server you connect to the internet via) then you will no longer be accessing the web through the restrictions placed on your activity by your ISP. 

So the question becomes, can you change your IP address without having to physically move to a new location/connect to a different internet connection? They answer: Yes. Absolutely. 

There are a few different ways to change your IP address effectively nowadays, but by far the best and most secure method is to use what's called a Virtual Private Network. A VPN does not just offer a secure and effective IP address change, but it also puts a layer of privacy protection over your online activity, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to link your online activity to your identity or physical location. 

How to Use a VPN to Access Kickass

Step 1: Sign up for VPN

So now you want to choose a VPN that actually allows P2P file sharing, which not all VPN providers do. To save you the time, I personally checked out and reviewed the best providers out there and narrowed down my choices to three VPN providers: ExpressVPN, IPVanish and AirVPN

I decided to go with ExpressVPN, so I will use it as the example while I walk you through the setup guide below.

Firstly, you'll want to go to the ExpressVPN website and choose the plan that fits your commitment preference best. Then once you've processed payment, you will be ready to download and install the VPN software onto your device(s)...

expressVPN website
expressvpn pricing
expressvpn payment options

In your account confirmation email you will see that a link to the download area is highlighted. Click on this and you'll be ready to choose the software download for your specific device. 

Step 2: Download & Install VPN

As you'll see in the download area, ExpressVPN is compatible with essentially every single device you would ever use to access Kickass through, which is super handy. 

So for me, I use a Macbook and Android device. Thus, I downloaded the OS X software to my Macbook, then on my Android smartphone navigated to the Google Play Store and downloaded the ExpressVPN dedicated Android app.


With the software downloaded, you will prompted to go through the super quick installation process. So go ahead and do this, which just requires a few seconds of your time and absolutely zero technical expertise. 

Step 3: Connect to Any Server on VPN

The moment you have the VPN software downloaded and installed, all that's left for you to do is open it up (which should happen automatically -- if not, open it up by double clicking it in the "Applications" folder) and choose a server location from the list. 

This is the step that will actually change your IP address, because when you choose a server and connect to it, you will be connecting to that server through your standard internet connection -- effectively forming a Virtual Private Network connection (hence the name). 

It doesn't matter which server location you choose, however if you want the fastest speeds, you want to keep the distance between your actual location and the server location you choose short. 

Here's me connecting to a New York based server on my Macbook ExpressVPN software:


Below is an example of me connecting to a UK-based server location on my Android device through the dedicated ExpressVPN app:

unblock whatsapp expressvpn app 6

Step 4: Access Kickass

Then once you have successfully connected to your VPN, you can now head to Kickass and you'll have full access for as long as you want to stay connected to your VPN. Enjoy! 

Should you want to change your server location, or revert back to your real IP address, you can disconnect and reconnect to your VPN as often as you like. I prefer to stay connected whenever I'm online, due to the awesome level of privacy protection a VPN gives you anyway. 


As I said earlier in this guide, I narrowed down my choice of VPN providers to the ones that offer P2P file sharing at the most sophisticated and secure level. Here are the full three choices, should you want to check them each out before choosing:

I hope you found this guide on how to access Kickass useful and now have total access to the website. Should you have any questions or feedback, then please let know in the comments section below. 

Happy Kickass'ing!

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