Spotify Outside US – How to Get Spotify Outside US – Dec 2016

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How to Use Spotify outside US

Updated: December 12, 2016

  1. To use Spotify outside US, first get a VPN account setup
  2. Then install the VPN software onto the device you want to use Spotify outside US on
  3. Open the VPN software then connect to a US server location
  4. Then sign into your Spotify account or sing up to the service if you have not already
  5. Enjoy using Spotify outside the US

How to use Spotify outside US in more detail:

NOTE: I have demonstrated how to use a VPN to use Spotify outside the US with ExpressVPN. I have tested many VPNs and for me this is the best for streaming online content. You can find out more here:

I don’t know about you, but for me Spotify has revolutionized the way I listen to music. I am a music junkie and growing up I must have bought hundreds or even thousands of CDs. Now, there is not a single CD in my house. They have all gone down the junk shop. And the reason is Spotify.

Why do I need to fill my house with bits of plastic? Everything I need is right there on my computer, or my iPad, or my phone. I can carry pretty much every album ever recorded around in my back pocket. I used to mostly like guitar music, but now I listen to all sorts, hip-hop, Americana, country, even a bit of classic stuff if the mood takes me.

The only problem with Spotify has been travelling. My job takes me all over the place, and obviously if I am stuck in a hotel room or an airport lounge, I want to some music to chill out to and pass the time.

But Spotify doesn’t let you do this. You get the same error message in different countries all over the world. I figured there must be a way around this, and there was. To listen to Spotify wherever I wanted, all I needed was a VPN.

Why is Spotify not Available outside US?

Before I tell you how you can do this, let me quickly explain why you cannot listen to Spotify outide the US. It’s all to do with the rights. Spotify reaches agreements with artists and record labels to pay them a certain fee for the rights to their music, which they then make available on their site.

However, these rights are only to stream the content within the USA. TO stream it in other countries they would either need separate rights, or even in some cases, different agreements with different record labels for the same music. Music rights is a complicated business.

Right-holders may have sold the rights in some countries to other services, so Spotify cannot make their online service outside the US. They therefore block access to it using a technology known as geo-blocking.

How is Spotify Blocking Access outside US?

So how does geo-blocking work? Well it is a piece of software which reads your IP Address. This is a set of data that every internet user transmits to every website they visit. It includes various pieces of information including where you are located.

So if your IP Address tells Spotify that you are located outside the US, the software will automatically prevent you from using their service.

How to get around this? Well that’s where a VPN comes in. A VPN will reroute all of your online activity via an external server. This server can be located anywhere in the world, and it is the IP Address of this server, that Spotify will see if you use the service through a VPN.

And if that server is located in the US, you should have no problem using Spotify, regardless of where in the world you are.

If you want to know how exactly you can do this, just keep on reading.

How to Use a VPN to use Spotify outside US

Step 1: Sign up for VPN

First of all, you will need to sign up for a VPN. As I noted at the top of this article, my pick of the VPN providers for this is ExpressVPN.

So head over to the ExpressVPN website by clocking one of the links on this page.

Once there, you can choose from one of their various subscription packages. There is a small fee, but they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Choose the right package for you and you will be taken to their payment processing page where you can make your payment very easily by following the onscreen instructions.

expressVPN website
expressvpn pricing
expressvpn payment options

Once you have paid, you will then have to confirm your account by clicking on the link in an email they send you.

Step 2: Download & Install VPN

Then you will be invited to download and install their software. Just click on the right operating system from the list in the menu you can see below, then follow the onscreen instructions.


It shouldn’t take too long to download and once it has it should open automatically. If this doesn’t happen, open the software manually.

Step 3: Connect to US-based Server on VPN

It shouldn’t take too long to download and once it has it should open automatically. If this doesn’t happen, open the software manually.


Once you have chosen, the connection should only take a few moments. Here's how the connection process looks on my Android smartphone:

unblock whatsapp expressvpn app 6

Step 4: Setup Spotify Account

If like me, you are an existing Spotify user, then you are good to go. Just open the website and log-in as usual and you can stream music just as though you were still in the US.

If you don’t already have a Spotify account, you can also now set one up. They offer free accounts, which you can sign up for in a few moments, or paid accounts, which you will need to use your Facebook account to access. These can be set up pretty quickly too, as the instructions are very easy to follow.


And that’s it. Just by following these simple steps you can access your Spotify account and listen to music wherever you are in the world. It has served me well at locations across the globe, and I am certainly not the only one.

Feel free to share comments about your experiences and also any questions you may have using the comment box below.

Finally, if you are not convinced by my recommendation about ExpressVPN, there are of course plenty of other providers on the market. Above you will see my pick of the Top 5 for getting Spotify outside the US.

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