Unblock Minecraft: How to Unblock Minecraft [Easy Solution]

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Updated: May 12, 2017

  1. Step 1: Setup a VPN account
  2. Download the VPN software onto the device you want to unblock Minecraft on, then install it
  3. Once installed, open the software up and connect to a US based server location
  4. Then open Minecraft and you will have full access on your device

How to Unblock Minecraft

in more detail:

NOTE: This quick guide on how to unblock Minecraft includes using a VPN. There a lot of awesome VPN providers available, but only a few are fast and secure enough for the best Minecraft gaming experience. So after reviewing a bunch of the best, I decided to use ExpressVPN. You can check it out here:

how to unblock minecraft

I think anyone that's every played Minecraft for more than, say, 1 hour, will agree that it is one heck of a game. It's addictively entertaining and enthralling. 

So when you head to work or school or college or just happen to be on a public WiFi internet connection, it always sucks when you have to deal with said connection restrictions that are all-too-common nowadays. 

I get it though. Of course you're paid to work in your office, and your education establishment is doing you a favour by stopping you from digging into your study time with Minecraft, and the cafe... well, they just don't want you eating up their bandwidth with your religious-like Minecraft gaming.

However, in today's ever-growing oppressive online landscape, I feel what's most important is protecting your online privacy and freedom, so that whether you want to play Minecraft or not on a restricted connection, at least the choice is yours. 

For this reason I wanted to lay out my quick guide on how to unblock Minecraft completely and effectively in under 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Why is Minecraft Blocked?

To quickly explain the reason that Minecraft may be blocked is worthwhile to understand the solution I lay out below. So here's the low down on this...

The main reason that Minecraft is blocked for you comes down to restrictions placed on the internet connection you currently have. This most commonly happens when you are connected to your school/college/university's internet. It's also a common restriction for web-savvy work offices to place such restrictions on their internal web.

Basically this is done because your school or workplace don't want you playing Minecraft on their time. Even if you just want to get a quick fix on your lunch break; doesn't matter. They can't risk your productivity or focus by allowing any sort of compromise on this block, so you're left with no option to but to deal with those old Minecraft withdrawals... ugh!

But the good news is, you are not completely out of control in these situations -- as I will describe further down in this guide. 

How is Minecraft Blocked?

It is important to understand exactly how your Minecraft block is setup, technically-speaking, in order to really see why the solution I take you through below works so effectively. 

So the way these blocks happen is that a network restriction at the server level is implemented. Basically the internet you are connected to has been setup to allow and disallow access to specific websites and online service (Minecraft included) at the very root-level of the server setup. 

Normally this would mean that you have zero control over getting past this block, however, it is actually a blessing that the blocks are placed at such a fundamental level -- because this means that if you can somehow change your internet connect to bypass the server on your work/school internet, you will then be able to get access to Minecraft. 

Thankfully, I happen to be well-educated in the world of tech that allows you to do this! There are a few methods that work to allow you to change your server connection through your school/work's internet, and by far and away the best one is to use a Virtual Private Network (or "VPN" for short). 

How to Use a VPN to Unblock Minecraft

Step 1: Sign up for VPN

Right, so now that we know a VPN is the solution for how to unblock Minecraft for you, all you need to do is choose the VPN that suits you best and set it up on your device. 

There are a lot of VPN providers for you to choose between, with the majority of them being insecure and unreliable (like a bad girl/boyfriend), so to save you the time of reviewing through them all to find one that suits you best -- I personally reviewed the best-rated ones for online gaming and decided on ExpressVPN. It offers the fastest connection speeds with sacrificing the actual block-bypassing effectiveness needed to unblock Minecraft. 

So for this quick setup walkthrough I will use ExpressVPN as the example. 

With all that said, go ahead and go the ExpressVPN website and choose the plan that best fits your commitment preference. 

expressVPN website
expressvpn pricing
expressvpn payment options

Once you've selected the plan you want, go through the payment process and then you'll confirm your account setup via email. Takes you less than 1 minute to do all this.

Step 2: Download & Install VPN

With your account confirmed, you will see in the confirmation email a link to the "download area". Go ahead and click through to here and then select the software download for the device you're on accordingly. I.e. for me this was my Macbook, so I chose the OS X software download link. 


After the software has downloaded, it will automatically ask you to launch the installation process. This also just takes a few clicks from you to complete. 

Step 3: Connect to Desired Server on VPN

With the VPN software downloaded and installed onto your device, it will launch automatically. Now is the all important step that will unblock Minecraft for you!

When the software opens up, select any location you wish from the list of server locations. Once you are connected, this will have changed the server you are connected to -- thus bypassing the Minecraft block on your school/work's server. 

To keep speeds as fast as possible for you, I advise choosing a server location close to your actual location. So if you're in the US for example, then choose a US-based server location to connect to:


Step 4: Enjoy Minecraft!

Once you're connected, that's it! You will now be able to open up Minecraft and play to your heart's content. You have now successfully and securely figured out how to unblock Minecraft. Good job. 

Should you want to go back to your real server connection, all you need to do is disconnect from the VPN software. You can reconnect as often as you like. 


So there you go -- a very quick, simple and effective solution on how to unblock Minecraft in less than 5 minutes, regardless of your circumstance or situation. 

As I mentioned earlier, I checked out a whole bunch of VPN service providers before deciding on ExpressVPN. Should you want to check out a few more, then here's a list of the best five providers I found that will get your Minecraft unblocked effectively for a fair price:

If you have any questions or feedback at all on this guide, do let me know in the comment section below. I'm happy to help.

Enjoy Minecraft'ing! 

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