How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV – Dec 2016

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Updated: May 12, 2017

  1. Once you've signed up and opened your Amazon Prime account on your iPad, iPhone or even iPod Touch, then go ahead and start streaming the media you want to watch on your Apple TV 
  2. Bring up "Options" on your device by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select "AirPlay".
  4. In AirPlay, scroll down and enable 'Mirroring'. 

how to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV 

in more detail:

NOTE: For the solution described in the guide on how to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV, I use a VPN. There are a lot of VPN providers to choose from, so I personally reviewed a bunch and decided on ExpressVPN. Check it out here:

As soon as Amazon Prime was launched I knew I'd be an avid user. Having already been instantly hooked on Netflix and other early on demand media streaming services, I was excited to dive into all the glorious exclusive TV shows and movies offered by Amazon Prime. 

I immediately signed up and got myself an Amazon Prime account -- all that was left was to hook this brilliant media streaming service up to my Apple TV so I could conveniently access and enjoy Amazon Prime on my big home TV along with all the other services offered on my Apple TV...

However, I was massively disappointed to see that Amazon Prime is not available on Apple TV, nor is it able to be integrated in any obvious, simple way. This was either due to Amazon and Apple having not reached an agreement (which seems most likely) and/or that the rumours of Apple launching their own "Amazon Prime" type on-demand media streaming service soon (which also seems likely).

Either way, I was super bummed out -- but not ready to be defeated! I dived in to some online research to see if there is a way to figure out how to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV in a few simple, non-technical steps, and I found a method that works 100%, which I defined at the very start of this quick guide (scroll up to see this.)

This is the best and most efficient workaround I have found on how to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV to date. 

Importantly, I want to mention another issue I faced when traveling outside of the US to visit some friends in the UK. With none of them being Amazon Prime users, I was looking forward to introducing then to some of the great TV shows thereon during my stay. 

Unfortunately though, upon arriving at my friend's apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland, and turning on my iPad to AirPlay Amazon Prime onto his Apple TV -- I was swiftly denied access to my Amazon Prime account!

how to watch us amazon prime in uk 1

The above message was presented on my friend's Apple TV screen, which was incredibly frustrating and unexpected. I was going to be in the UK for more than two weeks, so not having access to my Amazon Prime account (of which I was still paying monthly for) was an annoying prospect. 

Thus, being the ever-determined person I am, I went ahead and researched to find an effective solution to this issue that would let me watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV abroad once and for all -- and I figured it out! So here is my quick guide on how you can do this, too...

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV Abroad

Step 1: Get a VPN-Enabled Router

To explain quickly why using a VPN is the best approach for this solution, you just need to understand that the way Amazon Prime knows whether to grant or deny you access to the service based on your location, is through checking your IP address -- and by using a VPN, you can effectively and securely change your IP address to show your location as whatever you decide. 

So with that in mind, the first step in this process is to go ahead and get yourself and VPN-enabled router. You need to do this because unfortunately Apple TV is not "VPN compatible", so you instead need to put the VPN on your home router, then connect your Apple TV to your home internet accordingly. 

If you don't already have a VPN-enabled router, then simply grab any one of these and wait for it to be delivered out to you. The great benefit of setting up a VPN on your router is that, once connected to the router, every single device you use in your home will be connected to the internet through your VPN -- increasing the privacy and security of your online data. 

When your router is delivered, plug that bad boy in and move onto the next step...

Step 2: Sign up for VPN

There are a lot of VPN providers to choose from, so after checking out a whole bunch of the top-rated ones, I settled on using ExpressVPN for this solution. Thus, it will be the example VPN I use throughout the following setup steps. 

So go to ExpressVPN's website and choose the plan that best suits your commitment preference and budget. Once you've done this, process and confirm your account details. Here's a quick breakdown of this process to help you through it:

expressVPN website
expressvpn pricing
expressvpn payment options

Step 3: Download & Install VPN Software

With your account confirmed and setup, click on the link you receive in your confirmation email that will take you to the download area on ExpressVPN's website. 

In this area, click on the appropriate download link for the device you're currently using. For example, I was using my Macbook for this, so I chose the OS X download link. 

Once the software is downloaded onto your device, follow the automatic installation steps then move onto the next step of connecting your VPN to your VPN-enabled router. This step is the most "technical" part of this whole guide, but only because you need to enter a bunch of details into your router preferences. Thankfully, ExpressVPN have a clear and detailed guide on how to do exactly this, which you can see here

Apple TV     >>>     VPN     >>>     Router

Going through the steps in ExpressVPN's setup guide for this, you will see that every piece of information you enter will never change apart from just one thing: the server location you choose to join each time you connect to the VPN. 

Step 4: Connect to US-based Server on VPN

This is the most important part of the whole setup guide, since the location you choose to join on your VPN will change your IP address (and thus change your location) to represent this. So in my case, I chose a US-based server location on my ExpressVPN software, then entered those details into my friend's VPN-enabled router preferences. 

Once I had done this, my IP address was changed instantly, and I was then able to access my Amazon Prime account from my UK location, on my friend's Apple TV -- because both my iPad and my friend's Apple TV were connected to the VPN-enabled router, and thus were now connected to the US-based server I chose.

Step 5: Setup Amazon Prime Account & Enjoy

At this point if you already have an Amazon Prime account, then all you need to do is login then AirPlay your Amazon Prime media to your Apple TV via the steps I mentioned earlier in this guide. 

If you do not yet have an Amazon Prime account, then since you are now "appearing" within the US, you can signup for a US-based Amazon Prime account, then once setup you are free to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV from any location you want!


Thus ends my quick guide on how to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV from any location you happen to be in. Should you want to try out another VPN provider, then I definitely recommend the following five best providers that I personally reviewed and found to be the best value: 

Thanks for reading this guide. I hope it answered the question you were looking for, but if you have any feedback or questions at all -- don't hesitate to let me know in the comments section below. 

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