How to Watch Sling TV on Apple TV

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How to Watch Sling TV on Apple TV

Updated: November 10, 2016

  1. Start by download Sling TV app onto your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open Sling app and start viewing whatever you want to watch
  3. Bring up options by swiping up from the bottom of your screen
  4. Select the AirPlay option
  5. Scroll down and turn on "Mirroring"

How to watch Sling TV on Apple TV in more detail: 

NOTE: This guide includes using a VPN. There are a massive amount of VPN providers available nowadays, so I reviewed a bunch of them and decided to choose ExpressVPN for this particular solution. Check this VPN out here:

If there's two things I cannot get enough of nowadays, it's on-demand media streaming services (there are so many great ones!) and my new Apple TV. Seriously, this combination has levelled-up my home entertainment system in an epic way. 

So when I heard about Sling TV a few months ago, I knew I had to have it. This service would mean I could finally get rid of my cable TV subscription and be fully "online" with my entertainment viewing. It's 2016; about time! 

Thus, I signed up and got myself a Sling TV account and went to get it hooked up to my Apple TV only to find that Sling TV has not expanded to offer its service on Apple TV. This is due to either Apple having very restrictive allowances for apps (i.e. they've denied Sling TV to have their app thereon) or that the rumours are true regarding Apple soon to be launching their own "Sling TV" alternative.

Either way, I did figure out a workaround that is a little "buggy" but 100% works. This process was actually really straight forward. Here's a quick to-the-point breakdown of how to do this:

  1. Download Sling TV app onto your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open Sling app and start viewing whatever you want to watch
  3. Bring up options by swiping up from the bottom of your screen
  4. Select the AirPlay option
  5. Scroll down and turn on "Mirroring"

This is the best workaround I could find on how to watch Sling TV on Apple TV with the current state of these two services. 

It's also worth quickly mentioning that when I visited some friends in Europe last month I was very excited to introduce them to the Sling TV service, since it offered a great library of shows and channels that my UK-based buddies had no commercial HD access to. 

However once I arrived there and went to setup the Sing TV on Apple TV workaround I just explained above, I did not even get logged into my Sling TV account! Instead I was presented with this message:

how to watch sling tv

I was super frustrated, since I was paying the $20 for this service and had just arrived in Europe, being located here for the next 2 weeks (that's half a month's Sling TV subscription wasted!), so I wanted to find a workaround to allow me to still get Sling TV on Apple TV without any restrictions. 

Here's how I figured out how to do this!

How to Watch Sling TV on Apple TV Abroad

Step 1: Get a VPN-Enabled Router

Thankfully for this step my buddy I was staying with in the UK already had a VPN-enabled router setup. However, if you don't then it's simply a case of buying one from your local electronics store or online, for example any of these will work.

You need one of these first and foremost because unfortunately Apple TV is not VPN-compatible, which means you cannot simply download and use a VPN directly on your Apple TV the same way you can on 99% of other devices. 

Once you have your VPN-enabled router, plug it in and follow the simple setup instructions then you're ready to move onto the next step...

Step 2: Setup a VPN Account

For this solution I chose ExpressVPN, simply because I have tried a whole bunch of VPN providers and find this one to be the best value for my modest budget. So I'll use this VPN as the example when walking you through the setup steps ahead. 

Go to ExpressVPN's website and create an account. Choose the plan that suits your needs and budget best then confirm your account details via email. Simple. 

Click image to go to ExpressVPN site...

expressvpn homepage

Step 3: Download & Install VPN Software

Once you've setup your account, go to the download area on the website and choose the download link for whatever device you're using at that moment. 

With the software on your device, you now want to connect the VPN to your VPN-enabled router. This is a simple process but just requires a bit of "data entry" setup initially. Here's how to do this

Apple TV     >>>     VPN     >>>     Router

As you can see, 99% of what you enter will never change. The only section you will want to change is the location you want to connect to the VPN through. This is the all important step, since by changing your location, you will be changing your IP address -- which is the exact piece of data that Sling TV uses to determine your location.

Step 4: Connect to US-based VPN Server

​So of course since you want to "appear" within the US (rather than the non-US location you are currently in), you want to make sure to choose a US-based server location on your VPN. 

Once you enter this data into the router setup you will have connected the VPN to your router successfully. This means every device that is connected online through your home router will now have a US-based IP address, including your Apple TV. 

Step 5: Setup Sling TV Account & Enjoy

Once you have connected to a US-based server through your VPN on your router, you can now navigate to Sling TV on your iPad or iPhone and you'll have access! So go ahead and sign in (or create an account if you haven't already) then go through the workaround steps I laid out at the start of this guide and enjoy watching Sling TV on Apple TV. 


If you want to explore other VPN options then I definitely recommend the following five VPN service providers as I personally reviewed a huge amount and found these to be the best of the bunch:

Thanks for reading and hopefully now if you've followed this guide you now know how to watch Sing TV on Apple TV in any non-US location you want effectively and securely. 

If you have any comments or feedback then please do let me know in the comments section below!

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