Netflix Turkey – How to Watch US Netflix in Turkey – Quick Solution

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How to Watch US Netflix in Turkey

Updated: February 1, 2017

  1. Start by setting up a VPN account
  2. Next, download and install the VPN software onto the device(s) you want to watch US Netflix in Turkey from
  3. Then open the VPN software and connect to a US-based server
  4. Go to Netflix and sign into your account or create a new one if you don't have one yet
  5. Enjoy US Netflix in Turkey

How to watch US Netflix in Turkey in more detail:

NOTE: I use a VPN for this solution. After personally checking out a lot of the best VPNs out there today I settled on using ExpressVPN as it suited my needs and budget the most. Check it out by clicking below:

Netflix, my love; my moon and stars! How often I sit with my Netflix account in my New York apartment and just binge on my favourite shows, I can't tell you. It's a real problem -- but one I'm happy to indulge.

So when I took a long-anticipated trip to Istanbul for a week recently, I was so happy to hear that Netflix had just the week prior finally made their service globally available. Yes! This means I can stay up to date on my favourite shows on Netflix without any worry of being denied access because I'm watching Netflix from a "restricted location".

However, once I had landed in Istanbul and settled into my AirBnB for the night, and flicked on my Netflix to enjoy a pre-sleep episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia -- I was shocked to see that it was not available. What was going on? In fact, the more I then searched through the Netflix library; the more I discovered that a lot of shows and movies I was used to browsing through were not being offered to me. 

I was not going to sleep until I had figured out why and how this was happening, and figuring out a solution to watch US Netflix in Turkey as quickly as possible -- and I did it! So here is my quick guide on how you can do this, too. Enjoy!

Why is US Netflix not Available in Turkey?

When I started trying to find a way to watch US Netflix in Turkey, I initially wanted to find out why Netflix was offering a different version of their service based on my Turkish location. 

The reason, it turns out, is because of licensing agreements made between Netflix and the owners of each show/movie they want to offer on the service. 

So when Netflix asked the owners of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia if they could offer the show on Netflix, the owners agreed based on strict licensing agreements to only offer the show to users within specific locations. Turkey not being one of them (at least not yet), thus, this results in users in different countries being offered very tailored and different versions of Netflix based on their location.  

How is US Netflix Blocking Access in Turkey?

So we now know why Netflix offers a different version of its service in the US than it does in Turkey because of your location. Now it's time to understand how exactly Netflix achieves this, technically speaking, in order to figure out the most effective solution to get around this. 

It took me a little bit of researching to determine that Netflix uses a process called "geo-blocking". What this means is that the service has a virtual barrier implemented that basically determines each and every user's location by checking their IP address at the moment they attempt to access the service. 

By checking your IP address, Netflix gets your location, and then offers you the specific version of their service based on this. So when you access Netflix from Turkey, your IP address will tell Netflix that you're located in Turkey and thus give you the "Turkey version" of Netflix based on all the licensing agreements I mentioned above.

Once I determined that it was my IP address telling Netflix my Istanbul location, I knew that the solution was to somehow change my IP address, if possible, to "show" my location as within the US rather than Turkey. 

I was very happy to find out that there are a few ways to change your IP address, and that by far and away the best approach is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

How to Use a VPN to Watch US Netflix Turkey

Step 1: Sign up for VPN

So there are a lot of VPN service providers out there, which prompted me to check out as many of them as I could before deciding on the one that most fitted my needs and modest budget. This ended up being ExpressVPN, so I will use them as the VPN example while I walk you through this quick setup guide.

First things first -- go to ExpressVPN's website and go through the super quick sign up process. You choose from the three price plans a plan that best suits you, then make payment however you like, then confirm your account via email. 

Here's a quick snapshot of this process with ExpressVPN:

how to watch us netflix in turkey 1
how to watch us netflix in turkey 2

Then in your confirmation email you will be asked to download the ExpressVPN software, so let's go through that quickly.

Step 2: Download & Install VPN

When you get to the download area on the website, you will be shown all the various devices that you can use a VPN on, which is a great advantage to using a VPN for this solution. 

In my case, I use a Macbook to watch my Netflix shows on. Thus, I downloaded the OS X VPN software from my Macbook.

Check out how many devices are compatible with ExpressVPN software:

how to watch us netflix in turkey 3

Step 3: Connect to US-based Server on VPN

Once you have the software downloaded and installed on your device, which takes just a few seconds and requires almost zero technical expertise to get through -- you should go ahead and open up the VPN. 

You will very clearly figure out what you need to do once the software is open. It's literally just a case of choosing a location to connect to the VPN through, then click connect. It is at this point that you need to make sure to connect to a US-based server location, since this will be what changes your Turkey IP address to a US one. 

To give you an idea of just how simple it is to connect to a VPN, here is how ExpressVPN looks on my Macbook:

how to watch us netflix in turkey 5

And here's a glimpse of how the connection process looks on my Android device:

how to watch us netflix in turkey 6
how to watch us netflix in turkey 7

Step 5: Watch US Netflix in Turkey

Once you are connected to your VPN through a US server location, your IP address will have changed to show your location as within the US rather than Turkey. 

This means that you just need to go and login into your Netflix account and be astounded by the full US version of the service! The US version of Netflix contains by far the most comprehensive library of TV shows and movies, and you will have total access to all of it for as long as you want to stay connected on the VPN. 


And that's it! You now have a complete solution to the problem of how to watch US Netflix in Turkey without having to physically move to the US. 

You can reconnect/disconnect from your VPN as often as you want, and can rest assured that this method is the most secure, private, and legal solution you can use to watch US Netflix in Turkey. 

Here are the top five VPN service providers I recommend most to check out, if you want some more choices, since I personally reviewed a whole bunch of them:

Thanks for using my quick guide. Hope you found it useful and have gone through the process to now be sitting watching the full US version of Netflix from your Turkish location. 

Any questions or feedback? Let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Netflix'ing!

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