How to watch US Netflix on Xbox 360

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How to Watch US Netflix on Xbox 360

Updated: February 25, 2016

  1. Start by getting a VPN-enabled router setup
  2. Next get a VPN account setup
  3. Install VPN software onto your device
  4. Open VPN software and connect to US-based server
  5. Then connect VPN to VPN-enabled router
  6. Sign into Netflix on your Xbox 360
  7. Enjoy US Netflix on Xbox 360

How to watch US Netflix on Xbox 360 in more detail:

NOTE: For this guide I used ExpressVPN to access US Netflix on my Xbox 360. I have reviewed many VPN on this site and have found ExpressVPN to be the most reliable and the quickest. You can find out more here:

Ever since I was young, I have been into gaming. It gives me a buzz like nothing else. And the Xbox360 is like my bible. It gives me everything I need to while away the hours on a cold wet day. Hey, I live in Florida, it rains here a lot!

And now that I can watch my Netflix subscription on it as well, there can often be days go by when it is never switched off. I work in IT too, so when I was posted to the UK for an assignment in Manchester, of course I took my Xbox with me. It rains a lot there too!

Everything was fine until I tried to log onto Netflix. Sure I could get into my account, but it was tied to the UK version of Netflix, which had far less stuff on it than the US one. Most of my favorite shows weren’t there.

how to watch us netflix in germany 1

The rain was still falling and I couldn’t face three months without ‘proper’ Netflix. What to do? Well as I will explain below, the solution turned out to be rather easier than I had feared.

Why is US Netflix not Available on Xbox 360?

It turns out that where you are in the world determines what you can watch on Netflix. They have to buy the rights to the majority of shows from the producers, and these are sold by country. This means that whilst Netflix has the rights to stream a show in the US, it does not necessarily have the rights to stream it in the UK, or indeed other countries around the world.

Netflix have broadcast pretty widely the fact that they are buying up as many rights as they can with a view to having a standardized service globally, but at the present time they are a long way from that, and it is the non-US users that are missing out.

Netflix has far more rights for its US versions than its other versions and if you want to watch many of the shows, the US is the only place you can be. And because the rights holders get cross if they stream programs elsewhere, they have employed a technology known as geo-blocking to stop this happening.

How is US Netflix Blocking Access on Xbox 360?

Geo-blocking is a common technique for controlling the location of your users. It works by reading your IP Address when you first visit the site. When you visit any website you automatically broadcast your IP Address, which tells the site various things about you, including where in the world you are.

If your IP Address indicates that you are outside the USA, US Netflix will block you from using their services. There is nothing you can do to stop this automatic process from happening, other than change your IP Address to one which indicates that you are in the USA.

On a computer, tablet, and even smartphone, this is a relatively easy thing to do, using a VPN. Unfortunately, Xbox 360s do not support VPN clients. But that isn’t the end of the world, because it is now possible to buy a VPN enabled router.

A VPN-enabled router will connect any device using the Wi-Fi signal it emits to the internet via a VPN, and therefore allow you to change the IP Address to one of their many servers located across the globe. And this includes your Xbox 360.

How to Use a VPN to Watch US Netflix on Xbox 360

Step 1: Get a VPN Enabled Router

The first thing you will need to do is to get yourself a VPN enabled router. These are relatively easy to lay your hands on these days. Many computer and electronics stores will stock them, or you can also take a look at this list to buy one online.

If you order online, you may have to wait a few days for delivery. Patience. It is well worth it in the long run as a VPN-enabled router is actually by far the best way to ensure all your devices are connected to a VPN. They offer a sophisticated, secure, private internet connection and are rapidly growing in popularity.

Step 2: Sign up for a VPN

The next thing is to sign up for a VPN. As I noted at the top of this article, I am using ExpressVPN to illustrate how to watch US Netflix on an Xbox 360 because in my experience it is the best VPN for the job.

To sign up, visit their website by clicking one of the links on this site where you will be presented with various different subscription packages. Once you have chosen one, you will move through to the simple and clearly explained payment process, where you can use a variety of internationally recognized payment methods.

expressVPN website
expressvpn pricing
expressvpn payment options

Step 3: Setup ExpressVPN connection on Router

The next step is to install ExpressVPN onto your router. This is again a very straightforward process. Once you have paid youwill be invited to download and install their software onto whichever device you choose. As you can see on the screengrab of their menu below, there are a wide variety to choose from.

One of the options is a direct SmartDNS connection to your Xbox 360 should you wish to connect to ExpressVPN that way.


If you choose the router option, ExpressVPN provides this simple guide on how to install the software. It is a relatively easy process and one that you will only need to do once.

Step 4: Connect to US Server on VPN Router

During this installation process, ExpressVPN will invite you to choose which server to connect to, and this is where you will need to choose a US-based option in order to be able to access US Netflix. There are a number of US servers to choose from, but it is important that you remember to specify a US-based connection in order for US Netflix to work.

Once you have completed this process, connect your Xbox 360 to the internet via this router, and you will find that US Netflix is fully available.


And that’s it. I waited for a few days to receive my router in Manchester, but before I knew I was able to game and watch Netflix through my Xbox 360 just like I was back in Florida.

As I said, I chose ExpressVPN as my VPN because experience tells me it is the best for this purpose. If you prefer, there are of course many other VPN’s on the market. Below you will see my pick of the top 5 VPNs for watching US Netflix on your Xbox 360.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I am always glad to hear about readers own experiences and to answer any of your questions.

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