How to Watch Snooker Open China 2016 Online

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How to Watch Snooker Open China 2016 Online

Updated: March 1, 2016

At a time when it seems the whole world wants a piece of China, it is interesting that it is China that has pulled snooker towards its bosom of its own free will, rather than having it thrust upon it.

Snooker has for a long time been a sport rooted in the United Kingdom. The World Championship continues to be held in the UK each year, and the other major events are also Britain-based. Yet despite this, over the past ten years of so, snooker has exploded in popularity in China, without really trying to.

The China Open was the first world ranking event to be held in China in 2005 and it is now both the oldest and best regarded event taking place in the Communist state. Despite their reputation for wealth, the prize fund is a relatively modest £500,000, with £85,000 going to the winner.

Despite this, it is an event which continues to attract many of the biggest names in the sport, as much with a view to raising their profile and popularity in China, as earning rankings points or winnings.

How to Watch Snooker Open China 2016 Online
How to Watch Snooker Open China 2016 Online 2

The reigning champion is former World Champion Mark Selby from Leicester, although needless to say it is the home favorites such as Marco Fu and Ding Junhui, who really get the crowds going.

The China Open is now a well-established event with a fanatical following, and snooker fans the world over will be tuning in to see how it turns out. This guide has been written to explain how you can watch the China Open online, regardless of where in the world you are located.


Obviously the China Open has live coverage on TV in China, but commentary is a crucial aspect of TV snooker for me, and unless your mandarin is up to scratch you will probably want to find an English-language feed.

One of the best options for you will be EuroSport. They hold the rights to broadcast the tournament in various countries around Europe, and indeed the wider world. As a dedicated sports broadcaster offering a lot of snooker coverage, their programs are usually blessed with well-informed and experienced commentators and analysists. They also offer regular highlights programs in case you haven’t managed to catch everything live.

EuroSport also streams all of its content online and the Eurosport Player is available free if you live in one of their designated countries. If you don’t however, you will find that the service is blocked. This is because Eurosport do not have the broadcasting rights to show the China Open in every country around the world.

If you encounter this, there is however a simple way to get around it. All you will need is a VPN such as ExpressVPN to help you out. A VPN works by redirecting your internet traffic via an external server. As long as this server is located in a country where Eurosport is broadcasting the China Open, you will have no problem tuning in.

Have a read of our handy guide on how to use a VPN to watch EuroSport, to enable you to enjoy their excellent coverage no matter where in the world you are.

LiveSport Snooker

Besides Eurosport, I would recommend the LiveSport Snooker online streaming service. An official service of the World Snooker Governing body, this site offers full live coverage of every official tournament taking place in every country.

It is not perfect. There is not a huge amount of analysis, but the coverage of the games themselves is solid, and it is possible not to miss a moment of the action.

Sadly, it is only available where the World Snooker people haven’t managed to sell their TV rights, which means it is blocked in quite a few places around the world. Once more though, a VPN will allow you to get around this problem and watch the action no matter where in the world you are based. From just $5.99 a month it is a great deal for the snooker faithful. Here are my top picks for VPN providers to check out:


The China Open 2016 has once more got many of the biggest names in the game taking part, as well as many of the young, talented, up-and-coming players, and a select group of home favorites guaranteed to get the crowd going. It is shaping up to be an event you won’t want to miss and if you follow my suggestions in this article, you won’t have to!

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