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Fried LLC is the personal holding company of serial entrepreneur Jordan Fried. This entity includes a diverse portfolio of online businesses, including Emailchaser.com, PuertoRico.com, JordanFried.com, Holy Land Staffing, and more, each reflecting Jordan's interest in emerging opportunities.

Israel.com, a newer acquisition by Fried LLC has special importance to Jordan Fried. Jordan's rich family history and personal journey have profoundly shaped his entrepreneurial vision. Jordan is the grandson of Joseph (Yossi) Poisson, a Jewish educator who fled Nazi Germany in 1933 to start anew in Israel. Yossi joined the Irgun at age 14 and fought bravely for Israel's independence from 1944 to 1948, embodying the spirit of resilience and dedication that runs deep in the Fried family.

Growing up in Buffalo, New York, Jordan was inspired by his father, Charles Fried, a successful technology businessman, and his mother, Michele Fried, who founded Adoption S.T.A.R., a non-profit dedicated to finding families for children in foster care. This nurturing environment, marked by a deep commitment to technology, philanthropy, and family, profoundly influenced Jordan. His upbringing in a family of ten children, six of whom are adopted, including siblings with Down syndrome and African American brothers, instilled in him values of inclusivity and compassion.

Jordan's entrepreneurial journey began early. He dropped out of college and moved to Budapest, Hungary, where he successfully started and sold his first software company, Buffered VPN, in 2017. His passion for business and technology has since led him to establish several other ventures, including Hedera.com, PuertoRico.com, Emailchaser.com, and more, all under the umbrella of Fried LLC.

Beyond his business acumen, Jordan Fried is deeply committed to philanthropy. He supports numerous causes, including Gaudium et Spes and Chabad of Puerto Rico. In response to the horrific October 7th, 2023, attack by Hamas in Israel, Jordan co-founded Israel Friends, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has raised $20 million to aid the Israeli people and combat misinformation about Israel. His efforts have earned him national recognition, with appearances on Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, and more.

Jordan is also a prolific technology investor, backing companies like Axelar, Buffer, KetoneIQ, LifeMD, Burger Social, Swirlds, Clearview AI, and Antifund by Jake Paul and Geoffrey Woo, among others. His insights and achievements have been featured in Time Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.com, Wired.com, Success.com, Business Insider, and more.

When not driving Fried LLC to new heights, Jordan enjoys reading non-fiction, staying active, and exploring Puerto Rico with his wife and three young boys. His eldest son, Yossi, is named in honor of his brave grandfather, continuing the legacy of courage and dedication that defines the Fried family.
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