Easy Netflix Proxy Error Fix & List of VPNs That Work With Netflix in 2017

Updated: August 17, 2017 - *100% Working Solution*

What You Will Learn in This Guide

unblock netflix 1

How to Unblock Netflix

(from ANYWHERE in the world)

How to Access US Netflix

(from ANYWHERE outside the US)

netflix proxy error fix

Netflix Proxy Error Fix

(Ultimate Solution)

Total time to do all this: 5 to 7 minutes

Step #1: What problem are you having?

Is Netflix completely inaccessible in your current location?

Can you access it, but are outside the US and want the US Netflix?

Are you getting the fatal Netflix proxy error message?

The good news is - it does not matter which of the above three problems you are having - the solution steps in this guide will solve all of them. It just helps to clarify which problem you're currently experiencing, as you will be able to jump to the steps that will fix your issue right away -- But we recommend reading Step #2 below quickly anyway!

So, what problem do you want to fix?

Unblock Netflix 

Access US Netflix ✓

Netflix Proxy Error Fix 

STEP #2: Get the Secret Weapon

You may have heard one of your friends talk about a piece of software called a "VPN".  A Virtual Private Network (yes, that's "VPN") might sound a bit technical or complex - but in reality it is a super simple little app that lets you do amazingly powerful things on your computer. 

You don't need to know exactly how a VPN does what it does - but it does help to quickly understand what it does - so here's a simple definition: 

Unblock Netflix VPN desc

Check out our Ultimate Guide to VPNs for a more detailed definition

Why does a VPN help to unblock Netflix, access US Netflix or fix the Netflix proxy error? 

It's simple (yet genius) actually. When you connect to a VPN, you change your IP address. By changing your IP address you are changing your virtual location, which Netflix thinks is your actual physical location.

This matters. It's because of your physical location that you either a) cannot access Netflix at all or b) cannot access the US version of Netflix, and a VPN allows you to choose any virtual location in the world to make Netflix think that is now your physical location. Pretty cool, right?


Netflix has waged war against VPNs that let people unblock the service and/or access the US version from around the world.

This means that not all VPNs will work to unblock Netflix

So, which VPNs do work  with Netflix?

Before you run to Google typing in "VPN" and downloading the first one that shows up in the results -- you need to know that not all VPNs work with Netflix! 

There is good news though. A select few VPN providers are constantly working hard to stay ahead of Netflix and allow their users to unblock Netflix securely and completely. 

We have reviewed all the current VPN service providers available (there are over 100 of them, so you're welcome!) and have tested each one's ability to unblock Netflix and access US Netflix worldwide. 

Below is our list of the best VPNs that 100% work with Netflix. We re-check the VPNs in this list every 2 weeks to be absolutely sure that they work:

   VPNs that work with Netflix - Updated August 17, 2017

#1 EXPRESS VPN (our top pick) ★★★★★

There is no VPN better than ExpressVPN when wanting to unblock Netflix and easily access US Netflix from anywhere in world. ExpressVPN has worked non-stop for almost 8 years to produce a VPN that is unparalleled in terms of quality of service and value for money.

This VPN offers a huge list of server locations. That matters because the more server locations you have to choose from; the more "physical locations" you can make Netflix think you are currently located in.

In addition, you have the choice of multiple US-based server locations that allow you to access the US version of Netflix easily with on click.

Most importantly, the speed of internet you get when connected to ExpressVPN is easily the fastest offered by any VPN service.

So when you're watching the latest episode of your favourite Netflix series you won't have to worry about the stream stopping and starting constantly.

unblock netflix expressvpn

ExpressVPN app on smartphone

#2 PureVPN

PureVPN comes in as the second best VPN option when it comes to unblocking Netflix and accessing US Netflix from around the globe. Also a long-established VPN provider, PureVPN offer a solid service with good stable connections. 

unblock netflix purevpn

PureVPN: Not the fastest, but works

You get a smaller number of servers to choose from with PureVPN, but they are secure and you do have multiple US-based locations, which is vital to accessing US Netflix from outside the States.

If you can afford a slightly less consistently fast connection then PureVPN may be the one for you. Your Netflix streaming should not be affected by this connection speed, however through our regular testing we do find that PureVPN servers are more regularly blocked by Netflix than ExpressVPN's.

With all this said, PureVPN does have a lower price point in comparison to our top pick, ExpressVPN, so if saving a couple bucks is a major priority for you then go with PureVPN.

#3 IPVanish 

Our third pick for VPN service that works to unblock Netflix and access US Netflix globally is IPVanish. This provider is the least consistent of the three in our list to keep working with Netflix. However, at present this is the case - so we've included it as an option. 

When you actually combine the good speeds, solid connections, security levels and overall pricing - IPVanish is a really decent VPN provider to go with. You have a comparable amount of server locations (including multiple US ones) to choose from as with ExpressVPN and PureVPN

All in all though, this is an accurate and up-to-date guide on how you can 100% successfully Unblock Netflix, access American Netflix and even bypass the dreaded Netflix proxy error. So we cannot put this VPN provider higher in the list, since it has regularly proven to be blocked by Netflix. 

For right now though, they are getting past Netflix and allowing their users to access the service without issue. So feel free to give them a shot. As with ExpressVPN and PureVPN; IPVanish offers all first time users a generous free trial period. Might as well give them a shot. 

How to Unblock Netflix 2017

So now that you know what a VPN is and why it is the perfect solution to unblock Netflix, let's quickly run through the exact steps required to do this now. Don't worry -- a 10 year old or your great-grandmother can go through these steps no problem. No technical knowledge is required at all!

Step 1: Get a VPN Account (we recommend ExpressVPN)

Since ExpressVPN has proved to be the most reliable for this solution, we will use it as the example VPN while we go through these quick steps. So go ahead and visit the ExpressVPN website, choose the account you want (they offer monthly, 6-month and yearly options) and get your account setup. 

unblock netflix express site

Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for an account

Step 2: Download and Install the VPN

Once you have your VPN account setup, you will be taken to the downloads page. Here you can download the VPN software onto whichever device you want to Unblock Netflix on. ExpressVPN works on basically every device you would ever want to watch Netflix from, including your laptop, smartphone, smartTV and even your home router. 


List of devices that you can install ExpressVPN and unblock Netflix on

Step 3: Connect to a Server and Enjoy Netflix

After you have gone through the super quick and simple download + installation process for ExpressVPN on your device, the only thing left to do is open up the VPN, choose a server location within which Netflix is available, click "Connect" and in a matter of seconds you will be connected. 

When that happens, you will have successfully changed your IP address to make your location appear within the location of the server you chose to connect to. Now when you open up Netflix you will have complete access to it. Netflix will be unblocked. Enjoy your favourite shows for as long as you like! 

How to Access US Netflix 2017

The moment you leave the US, your IP address changes to reflect your non-US location. So if you then visit Netflix, you will be presented with a library of movies and shows that are different from the US version. This is incredibly annoying considering your favourite content may only be available on the US version of Netflix. 

Fear not. In less than 5 minutes you are about to never have this problem ever again. Let's go through the steps now:

Step 1: Setup a VPN Account (we suggest ExpressVPN)

We recommend going with ExpressVPN for this solution because this VPN provider has proven to be the most consistent with allowing you to access US Netflix outside the States. We regularly review the most popular VPN providers on the market right now and test each one for its ability to access US Netflix from non-US locations, and ExpressVPN comes out top every time. So we will use it as the example as we walk you through the quick steps now. 

Head to the ExpressVPN website, sign up for an account and choose the duration you want to use the software (1-month, 6-month or annual options are available): 

access us netflix 1

Whichever one you choose - you will get a 30-day free trial period

Step 2: Download the VPN and Install it onto Your Device

After you have created your ExpressVPN account, you will be taken automatically to the "downloads area" on their site. Here you will see a list of all the different devices you can install the software onto. You will see that any device you would ever want to access US Netflix from works with ExpressVPN. Here's how it looks on my Android device:

access us netflix 2

How the ExpressVPN app looks on an Android smartphone

Step 3: Connect to a US-based server and Access US Netflix

Within a few moments you will have gone through the automatic download and installation process, and will have ExpressVPN on your device(s) ready to use. You then simply open up the VPN and select a US-based server location and click "Connect". 

Once connected, you will have just successfully changed your device's IP address from your non-US one to a US-based one. Now when you go to access Netflix, open it up and search for any movie or show that is only available on the US version of Netflix and it will be available for you. 

You have just accessed US Netflix from outside the US. Enjoy!

Netflix Proxy Error Fix 2017

It's the worst. You settle in for some Netflix and chill, only to be presented with the following error message: 

netflix proxy error fix

Netflix have a page explaining why this is happening.

Why is this happening? Well, you were smart to use a VPN or some other IP-protecting software, because you care about protecting your online data privacy. However, Netflix decided recently that too many users were using a VPN purely to access the service for - well - the first two reasons we state in this very guide.

VPNs allowed users to watch Netflix from locations where the service is not available and even access the US-version (aka the best version) of Netflix from outside of the US. Luckily, there are still a select few VPN providers that work with Netflix without getting this annoying proxy error:

Netflix Proxy Error Fix (with a VPN) - Updated August 17, 2017

Since you are clearly already using a VPN or similar IP-protecting software, we don't need to walk you through the steps of setting one up. 

Instead, we will simply recommend the best VPN provider that has remained effective in bypassing the Netflix proxy error successfully. This provider is ExpressVPN. Why? They are the most consistent VPN at bypassing the proxy error message of: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” 

We take pride on regularly, rigorously testing all VPN providers every two weeks to see if Netflix is blocking them or not. ExpressVPN has consistently remained the top provider to allow users to access Netflix without getting the proxy error. So confident are ExpressVPN with this that they boldly state it on their website: 

netflix proxy error fix 2

So if your current VPN or IP-protecting software is not getting past the Netflix proxy error then get ExpressVPN, download it, connect to a US-based server location and bypass the proxy error instantly and securely. 

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  1. Jordan Fried
    August 17, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Yes, this method still works for accessing Netflix from outside the US. I’ve just checked again this morning with ExpressVPN. Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to answer below.

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