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FrootVPN is a VPN provider based out of Sweden. This service was released with endorsement from The Pirate Bay, for free, but has since then started charging users. However the FrootVPN prices are still very fair in comparison to compatible VPN providers.

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$4/month for 1 month
$10/month for 3 months
$19/month for 6 months
$12/month for 12 months

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  • Pirate By endorsed
  • Multiple device connection
  • Sweden-based
  • Zero connection logs


  • No client software/apps for devices

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Chris Beattie

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Scott Madison - October 22, 2015

This is rather interesting because I’m looking for a cheap vpn service. I think is what I need and can afford right now. But why is it that the Visit Site button for this doesn’t direct me to its website?

All your vpn reviews are rather comprehensive and I liked it. This one caught my interest the most because it’s cheap and affordable for me but seemed reliable enough. I hope my concern can be addressed. Thank you.

    Chris Beattie - October 22, 2015

    Hey Scott,

    We are currently performing this review, so once we have finished it we will have the buttons activated 🙂

    Definitely check out this VPN and let us know what you think!


      Scott Madison - October 23, 2015

      I see. Very well, I’ll look forward into it. Thanks a lot, Chris!

        Marvic - November 24, 2015

        Hello there! I think this is such a good article as you’ve nailed your points very well. It’s embarrassing to admit but at first I also don’t care about my online privacy but now that I’m more informed I now use a VPN, specifically FrootVPN, which is fast and secure VPN service that’s right for my needs and budget, together with other security tools to help me be secure and protected when connecting to the internet. By the way, thanks a lot!

      Phil - December 14, 2015

      Hi Chris, This write-up was written very well as you laid out satisfactorily the key points. Gladly, you have activated the buttons 🙂 I’ve been using FrootVPN to help me be protected online for months now, It’s a very good bargain for me since the service suits my needs and let me roam around the web more. Also they’re only charging at most of $4 a month. So I’m quite satisfied. I’ll look forward for the Full Review. Cheers!


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