HideIPVPN Review

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Customer Service

Company Summary

SmartDNS provider HideIPVPN offer a very respectable VPN service for which they are predominantly recognised. For this review we are taking a look at their SmartDNS service. HideIPVPN clearly put a lot of thought into the pricing-to-quality balance, delivering a fairly high quality SmartDNS service at a fair price point.

Pricing Summary

$4.95 for 1 month account
$12.95 for 3 month account
$38.85 for 1 year account

Homepage Snapshot

hideipvpn shot

Operating System Compatibility


  • Free trial offered
  • Customer support is good
  • Large library of channels offered
  • Pricing is fair


  • Multiple IP address access not offered
  • Small improvements could be made to application interface and website

The Verdict


2 Answers

  1. Pitu
    December 7, 2015 at 11:25 am

    6 months agoare there any vpn’s that dont share intiamrfoon with the cia or western intelligence agencies? it seems like all the servers of these vpn’s are based in u.s friendly countries. one of the main reasons i want to use a vpn is because i am a political disident, and i dont need western spooks breathing down my neck. i am hoping to find something that is based in Russia, not just the server, but the entire enterprise. Viet Nam, Iran, China would also be acceptable.Reply

    1. Chris Beattie
      December 7, 2015 at 11:46 am

      Hi Pitu,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You are absolutely right about how beneficial it is to use a VPN service that is entirely based out of a “non-western” country. Many of the best VPN services around are actually based outside of such jurisdictions. One example would be NordVPN – https://fried.com/reviews/nordvpn-review – which is based out of Panama and is thus exempt from US jurisdiction and law. Well worth checking out.

      Thanks again Pitu!

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