HideMyAss Review

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HideMyAss Review

UPDATED: February 22, 2016

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This is the most comprehensive HideMyAss review you will find online. You will find every piece of information you need to know about HideMyAss in this review from price plans to speed performance, encryption levels, support and compatibility. In additional a detailed setup guide is included to help you get HideMyAss setup quickly on your device.

Company Summary

HideMyAss is one of the biggest names in the VPN provider industry. In part because of their fantastic level of service and also because of the great free services they offer. In recent years they have faced some issues with total privacy, being a United Kingdom based entity. However, we still highly recommend this VPN provider for how competitively priced they are and how much you get for your buck.

Homepage Snapshot


Operating System Compatibility

Pricing Summary

$9.99 for one month account

$6.99 per month for six month account

$4.99 per month for one year account

VPN Protocols Offered





  • 30 Day Money back guarantee
  • Very fast performance
  • Great customer support
  • Many, many servers
  • Sleek site and interface design


  • L2TP supported, but requires additional setup to install.
  • UK-based = no zero logging. Not completely anonymous.

The Verdict

Hide My Ass are one of the most popular for very good reason. Their interface and the freebies that comes with it are a real treat, so the user experience is almost second to none against the competition. The very fair pricing plans and 30 day money back guarantee make this a very endearing choice. Highly recommended.

Full HideMyAss Review

Pricing, Plans, & Payment Options


HideMyAss offer pricing of their VPN in the mid-to-high level, in comparison to the other best VPNs around today. Customers can pay from as little as $6.55 per month up to $11.52 per month depending on the plan chosen.


The plans offered by HideMyAss are very typical to the VPN service provider space. Three plans are presented, with each being lower in monthly cost for a longer commitment time:

hidemyass review 1

This is a standard pricing plan that gives a good variety to the different types of users that want either more cost for less commitment or less cost for more commitment. 


HideMyAss give customers the option of many payment types, which is great. Alongside the classic credit/debit cards and PayPal, you can also choose some lesser-known variants, including BitCoin. For users that are looking to maintain as much anonymity as possible, BitCoin payment is always very appreciated:

hidemyass review 2

Money back Guarantee 

New customers to HideMyAss are given a 30-day money back guarantee, which is great. I have yet to encounter a longer free trial/money back guarantee period than this with the many VPN service providers I have reviewed to this point, so HideMyAss definitely deliver generously with this:

hidemyass review 3


HideMyAss provide a great service packed with features and functionality benefits that really set it apart from 99% of other VPN service providers out there. Here's a breakdown of just some of the most significant features offered to customers:

Server library
- Users are given access to 860+ servers located in over 190 countries all over the world.

Speed of connection
- When connected to HideMyAss users experience very little speed loss, which is a major advantage since this is commonly the main disadvantage to using a VPN over say a SmartDNS, for example.

Multi-device usage
- Most VPN service providers only allow a single connection from a single device to their VPN servers at any time. HideMyAss allow multiple simultaneous connections to their VPN service from multiple devices. 

Super user-friendly interface
- Clearly HideMyAss put a lot of effort into making their VPN software and apps as easy-to-use as possible, with their website and software interfaces being incredibly well optimised for a smooth user experience.

High-level customer support
- HideMyAss users are provided with top quality, around-the-clock customer support across a multitude of avenues like email, social media, phone and live chat.

Protocols supported
- When using HideMyAss you are offered securely encrypted connections via all the best protocols available: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP across 256 and 128-bit encryption.

The Software


The sign up process is very straight forward and clear. It took me just a few minutes to completely sign up and have the software downloaded to my laptop. 

To sign up, you simply navigate to the "Pricing" section of the website and select the package you wish to sign up for. This takes you to the start of the payment process:

hidemyass review 4

I appreciated that you are only prompted to enter your email address, with no other personal information being required for signing up. Once you've entered this and chosen your payment option, you will go through the according payment processing step, after which you will be directed to a confirmation page that then prompts you to create a username and password for your HideMyAss account:

hidemyass review 5

With your username and password created, you receive a confirmation email of this, which I must say is worded in a very informal and affable way. I always appreciate this style of communication especially compared to the very dry and formal style many VPN providers choose to communicate to their customers:

hidemyass review 6


Once you have signed up and confirmed your username and password, you are directed to a page that presents you with the next steps to getting your HideMyAss software downloaded and installed on your device. This page is designed very clearly and professionally, so there was no confusion as to what my next steps should be: 

hidemyass review 7

Clicking "Download now" instantly starts the software download to your device, which I found very impressive since clearly HideMyAss automatically figured out what device I am on (a Macbook) and produced the correct software download link for this device without my having to specify this. 

With the software downloaded, it is just a simple case of following the standard installation instructions you go through with any new software install on your device:

hidemyass review 8
hidemyass review 9
hidemyass review 10

To download the according software dedicated for other devices and platforms, there is also a clear link on the "Download" page that takes you to the various direct download links, which is very helpful: 

hidemyass review 11


Open up your newly installed HideMyAss software and you will be presented with a very well laid-out interface that gives you the most important information your need to know about your VPN connection without bombarding you with too much information.

Enter your username and password here and use the "Quick VPN location change" option to select the country and server you want to connect to then simply click "Connect to VPN" and you will be connected to your HideMyAss VPN in just a few seconds:

hidemyass review 12
hidemyass review 13

It's worth quickly displaying the great options given in the HideMyAss interface on the left hand side, with such great features as "Secure IP bind" (only allows you an internet connection when VPN is connected and secure) and a built-in speed test, that allows you to quickly test any or multiple servers within the software. 

Having your account billing and package information quickly viewable within the software is also a brilliant touch, which I have not seen implemented in any other VPN software. Here's a quick snapshot of these options:

Country Selection

hidemyass review 14

IP Address Settings

hidemyass review 15

Secure IP bind

hidemyass review 16

Speed Guide (main)

hidemyass review 17

Speed Guide (result example)

hidemyass review 18

Billing & Packages info

hidemyass review 19


Setting up a HideMyAss VPN connection on your mobile device is very straight forward, in large part because HideMyAss have clearly spent a lot of time, money and effort to develop very intuitive and user-friendly native apps for the most common mobile device platforms. 

I use an Android device, so will quickly run through the process for downloading, installing and connecting to the HideMyAss software on such a device.


First you need to find the HideMyAss app. You can either download this directly from the HideMyAss website (via the link I mentioned earlier on the download page) or, more simply, just go to the Google Play Store (or App Store for iOS devices) and search for "HideMyAss" in there. You will be presented with the native app which you just download and install in a few moments:

hidemyass review 20
hidemyass review 21

With the HideMyAss app downloaded to your device, click on "OPEN" and you will be taken to the app home screen. From this first taste you will see that this is a very well designed app both in function and aesthetic:

hidemyass review 22

As instructed, pop in your username and password then sign in to the app. Once signed in, you are presented with a simple interface that's very similar to the desktop software, which is great as such signs of software consistency really speak volumes about the quality of a VPN service provider:

hidemyass review 23

On this main home screen of the app, you have a very simple and clean layout, with a small option pop-out in the top left that provides with some more navigation and information options: 

hidemyass review 24


To connect to a HideMyAss VPN server, simply select your preferred server location as shown in the screenshots below. This process is super simple with no unnecessary options or data being presented to the user that may cause confusion, so that is a big plus for HideMyAss:

hidemyass review 25
hidemyass review 26
hidemyass review 27

and that is you connected to HideMyAss through your mobile device! Very simple and quick process, which really puts HideMyAss ahead of 99% of the VPN service providers out there for me. 

To disconnect, you simply select "Disconnect" from the clearly labelled option in the app, as shown below:

hidemyass review 28


As stated at the start of this review in the summary section, HideMyAss is compatible with practically every device and platform used by all different types of users. From your iPhone to your Windows desktop to your Linux computer to more specific devices like your smartTV, home router, eReader and games console -- basically any device you would like to have a VPN connection setup up on; HideMyAss is compatible with it. 

Speed & Performance

I conducted a speed test (using outside testing tools rather than the internal speed guide offered with the HideMyAss software) and tested my internet connection at the time of conducting this review both with and without a connection to a HideMyAss server. As you can see from the results, my speed remained at a fair level, although some drops were experienced in both download and upload speeds:

Without VPN connected:

hidemyass review 29

With VPN connected:

hidemyass review 30

This was a bit disappointing, however I must state in defence of HideMyAss' server performance, my connection was not the fastest and most stable to begin with, and through researching the many speed performance reviews of HideMyAss conducted by other users, it seems my experience was not the usual. 


Customer support is where HideMyAss really outshine 99% of the VPN service providers out there. Users of this VPN service are given around the clock customer support through various channels of their choice from direct email, to a customer ticket system, to direct phone support, to even live chat at certain times. 

This is brilliant and definitely an area of VPN service providers that makes a big different to my overall opinion, since even not the best or most secure or fastest VPN service provider can be in my good books if their level of support is attentive, intelligent and efficient. HideMyAss support is all of this. Very good job with that! 

In addition of course there are many guides, tutorials and a highly comprehensive FAQ section to the HideMyAss service that covers practically every potential issue you may have, which means that for most of your queries you do not even require going to support to resolve such issues. 

The Website

The HideMyAss website is a big selling point for them -- and for good reason. It is one of the most aesthetically well-designed and functioning websites of all VPN service provider websites I have experienced to date. From the actually layout and navigational ease of the website; to the aesthetic design and consistency -- the website gives a fantastic and never-confusing user experience. Here's a snapshot of the homepage to see what you can expect: 

hidemyass review 31

As you can see, this is a company that has given a lot of thought and development to a great brand that stands out against the ocean of VPN service providers out there. The actually "Ass" (i.e. the donkey) is a running theme throughout not only the website, but the entire software and app interface experience. A great touch.

Security & Privacy

As mentioned briefly in the Features section of this review, HideMyAss are not just a pretty face with a lot of superficial "flash" about their VPN service. Serious consideration and work has been put in to offer a VPN service that contains all the major protocols (L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN), with the first being 128-bit and the latter two being 256-bit encryption. 

With that being said, it is important to mention that due to HideMyAss being a UK-based company, they are required to keep "partial logs" on all user data, and have been known to hand them over if asked by authorities or requesting bodies. This does bring them down the list of most privacy-securing VPN service providers, since there are definitely more secure VPN services out there.


Overall, HideMyAss deliver a VPN service that is definitely one of the most enjoyable and easy user experiences of all the VPN providers I have experienced to date. Their Android app is arguably the best VPN app I have interacted with, and it seems that they are only improving these every day. The speed of their VPN connections could be better in my personal experience and it would be brilliant if they could offer zero-logging of user data -- however, all in all they provide a VPN service that is certainly one of the best around today. 

I highly recommend giving HideMyAss a try -- and there's really no reason not to, since they offer such a great 30-day money back guarantee to all new users.

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