ProxyRack VPN Review

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ProxyRack VPN Review

UPDATED: July 11, 2016

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Welcome to the most comprehensive and detailed ProxyRack VPN review around. In this ProxyRack VPN review is all the information you could possibly need to know about this VPN service. Want to know about compatibility? Server speeds? Pricing? This -- and much more -- is all here. Also provided is a detailed setup guide to help you setup ProxyRack VPN on your devices with minimum fuss.

Company Summary

ProxyRack VPN is one of the newest, youngest VPN service providers to come into the marketplace. With a completely free service on offer, this newcomer boasts a VPN that provides 12 country locations for servers around the globe. The big question to answer with ProxyRack is: Does it deliver solid enough security for a completely free service? Let's find out!

Homepage Snapshot

proxyrack vpn 1

Pricing Summary


Operating System Compatibility

VPN Protocols Offered



  • Free

  • 12 global locations for servers
  • 5 server connections offered simultaneously


  • No compatibility with mobile
  • Encryption is not top level 
  • Although 24/7 support offered -- due to company location (Australia) support is not always quick to respond

The Verdict

Overall, ProxyRack VPN is a great VPN service for being 100% free. There are many free VPN service providers available right now, with all offering different levels of speed, security and overall consistently god performance. Thankfully, ProxyRack VPN is one free provider that does not "cut corners", choosing to deliver a reliable VPN service. It would be great if this provider incorporated some more encryption protocols and server locations, but for now -- it's definitely one of the best free VPN providers we have tried out.

Full ProxyRack VPN Review

Pricing, Plans & Payment Options

As already stated above, ProxyRack VPN is a completely free VPN service provider.

This means that no payment information is required of you to hand over to use the service. Nor is any specific "plan" required to be chosen. You simply signup for the service by providing your email address and creating a username + password:

proxyrack vpn review 1
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proxyrack vpn review 2

Once you've confirmed your account setup, you are ready to begin setting up the VPN on your device. I will go through this setup process further down in this review. 

Money Back Guarantee

As you would expect, there is no "money back guarantee" offered by this provider -- since you are not required to hand over any cash at all to use the service! 

If you choose to use their other proxy service, then it is worth noting that ProxyRack do offer generous money back guarantees to users of said service -- 14 days to be exact. 


- All users are given unlimited bandwidth when connected to the service.

- You are able to switch between servers as much as you like. Totally unlimited.

- Although only one protocol is supported, it is arguably the best VPN protocol: OpenVPN.

- You can have up to 5 simultaneous connections to the service from one account.

- Great, handy tool known as the "internet kill switch" provided.

- Multiple server connections to give access to US Netflix given.

The Software

The software provided is very straight forward to both setup and use. 

As mentioned earlier in this review, all that is required of you to create an account is to simply provide your email address, then create a username and password. 

You will then be receive an email prompting you to confirm and activate your new account:

proxyrack vpn review 4

With your account then activated, you will then be taken to your main account "dashboard" area, where you can download the dedicated software for your device:

proxyrack vpn review 5

As displayed in the above screenshot, you can see that both OS X and Windows OS devices support ProxyRack VPN. 

Since I work from a Macbook, I went ahead and downloaded the OS X. The download took just a few seconds and then the standard installation process began automatically:

proxyrack vpn review 6
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proxyrack vpn review 7

Once you have the software successfully installed on your device, all that is left to do is go ahead and open up the software. 

You are required to login to the software when opening it for the first time, which is very straight forward and is through the email and password you provided when creating your account:

proxyrack vpn review 8
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proxyrack vpn review 9
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proxyrack vpn review 10

After some quick information steps upon signing in, you are then taken to the main software interface. 

The great thing about ProxyRack VPN's interface, is that it instantly and seamlessly integrates to the top toolbar on my Macbook, while also clearly notifying you of this: 

proxyrack vpn review 11

This toolbar integration keeps the software very intuitive and easy to use once open, without being invasive and taking up your screen. 

Connecting to a server is equally as straight forward as the software setup. You simply click on the "fast server" option (as shown above) and choose to either select a specific server from one of the many locations offered, or choose to let the software itself select the "fastest server" for you, based on your current location. 

proxyrack vpn review 12
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proxyrack vpn review 13

The connection process takes just a few moments, and you are clearly notified when the connection has been successfully established via a handy little notification popup, as shown above. 

And that's you! You are then connected, with your IP address having been successfully changed and displayed to you in the dropdown interface. 

There are some helpful additional settings presented to you in the dropdown interface which you can access by clicking on the cog icon in the top right:

proxyrack vpn review 14

Sadly, there is currently no dedicated app supporting the use of ProxyRack VPN on mobile devices or Linux OS devices. This would otherwise be a big downside for the service, however since it is completely free, I am more than fine giving them a pass on this. 

All in all that entire setup and connection process took me less than 3 minutes to go through from start to finish, which is very impressive. 

In addition to the software itself, here is a glimpse of the web browser account dashboard you are given access to once your account is created:

proxyrack vpn review 15

As you can see, it's a clear and easy to navigate area that presents you with all the main information you would want to check when reviewing your account.


When it comes to reviewing the compatibility offerings of ProxyRack VPN, this is where it falls short. 

Although offering very intuitive and well-designed software applications for both OS X and Windows computers, sadly the VPN service does not give the same level of dedicated support for use on mobile devices. 

I certainly hope this is something the service is working on, as this area is really the only significantly lacking facet of the service. 

Speed & Performance

​In order to see how the (inevitable) drop in speed was when connected to the ProxyRack VPN service, I performed a quick speed test. First, without connection to the VPN and then with a connection established. 

Here are the results:

Without VPN:

without VPN

With VPN:

with VPN

With all things considered (including, again, that this is a 100% free VPN service), the drop in speed was much less than I expected. 

You can see that in the first place I have a very fast connection without a VPN, so the drop was going to be significant regardless of whether I used ProxyRack VPN or one of the best, premium VPN services out there. 

So to see that the upload speed only dropped a tiny amount, and the download rate -- although dropping considerably -- remained at a speed that allowed me to stream online media and download files with ease and zero "buffering" issues, was very impressive. Good work, ProxyRack VPN!


As I expected, ProxyRack VPN does not offer live chat onsite. This would have be an amazingly pleasant and unexpected surprise if the service did offer this -- so I am not holding this against it at all. 

Users can find a helpful FAQ section on the site to answer most of the common issues and queries  that you might have regarding the software:

proxyrack vpn 16

You can also ask a direct question to the support team via the ticket submission area offered within your account dashboard on the website: 

proxyrack vpn 17

The Website

The ProxyRack VPN website is simple, clean and presents all the most important information you would want to know immediately via the navigation menu atop the site throughout: 

proxyrack vpn 19

Although the site is not the most "beautiful" or "powerful" in terms of aesthetic and load time respectively, it delivers exactly what is required, and looks better than some paid VPN service provider websites I have encountered in the past. 

Security & Privacy

As mentioned earlier in this review, the level of security and privacy protection offered by this service is unfortunately lacking, especially when compared against any VPN service provider that charges users. 

OpenVPN protocol is offered to users of this VPN service, with hopefully more protocol support being integrated to the service in the future.

This naturally makes sense, since you are getting a free service and thus cannot expect to have a VPN that gives comparable encryption protocols and zero-logging policies, however this is arguably one of (if not the) most important factor you should be considering when choosing a VPN for the purpose of protecting your online privacy.


All in all, this VPN service is very impressive in terms of what you actually get for literally zero cost. 

The speeds across all servers tested are consistent and show no downtime or drop-off issues, the software interface is very intuitive and light to setup + use, and although a small number -- the amount of server locations offered are varied enough to satisfy a lot of users. In addition, it is very impressive that two US-based server locations are provided that successfully allow you to access the US version of Netflix from any non-US based location. 

ProxyRack VPN is arguably the most impressive free VPN service I have come across. If you don't require a high level of privacy protection and security requirements on your online activity, nor do you need a large database of server locations to choose from -- then I highly recommend giving this service a try. 

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