PureVPN Review

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PureVPN Review

UPDATED: April 27, 2016

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Welcome to the most comprehensive and detailed PureVPN review around. In this PureVPN review you will get all the information you could possibly want to know about this VPN service provider. Want to know about pricing plans? Server speeds? Encryption security? This -- and much more -- is all here. Also provided is a detailed setup guide to help you setup PureVPN on your devices quick and easy.

Company Summary

Over the years, PureVPN has built up a reputation as one of the most reliable and established VPN service providers around. After conducting this comprehensive review of the service firsthand, I am inclined to agree with this reputation. PureVPN is a stable, secure and consistent VPN service provider that, although priced in the mid-to-high range, is worth the money.

Homepage Snapshot

purevpn review screen

Pricing Summary

$9.95 p/month for 1 month
$7.49 p/month for 6 months
$4.16 p/month for 12 months

Operating System Compatibility

VPN Protocols Offered






  • Customer support is great

  • Solid and consistent speeds

  • User-friendly software and apps


  • Pricing is in the mid-to-high level, so not the most affordable

  • No zero-logging policy offered

The Verdict

All in all PureVPN is a very respectable VPN service provider. Users can expect solid, consistent speeds across a great variety of server locations on securely encrypted connections. The price point is a touch high, although it is justified through the service's performance. We would love no logs to be kept by this provider, however ultimately it is definitely one of the top VPNs we have reviewed.

Full PureVPN Review

Pricing, Plans & Payment Options


PureVPN have chosen to price their service in 3 different "commitment" levels, as 99% of VPN services do. This means that you have the option to pay less each month if you commit to the service for 6 or 12 months:

purevpn review prices

These prices are in the mid-to-high area when compared across all VPN providers available right now, so PureVPN are definitely confident in the quality of their service. With that said, a very generous discount of -65% for users that sign up for a 1 year account is a nice touch. 


As mentioned, PureVPN go down the traditional VPN service route by offering 3 different plans that increase in commitment length while decreasing in monthly price. 


Users can make payment to PureVPN through a myriad of options, including great anonymous options like Bitcoin and through Gift Cards, which is great:

purevpn review payment options

All in all the process for making payment is very simple and all-encompassing, so clearly PureVPN place a lot of time and effort into this aspect of their service. 

Money Back Guarantee

When you signup for PureVPN for the first time you are automatically given a 7-day money back guarantee period, which is good. However, you do need to pay immediately to use the service, with this money back guarantee being offered in the form of you allowing to request a full refund within 7 days of using the service. 

purevpn review money back guarantee

This is not ideal, as other VPN service providers offer longer such "free trial" periods that do not require you to pay upfront and request a refund if not satisfied. That being said, at least PureVPN have some level of introductory "grace" period. 


- PureVPN have developed dedicated software and apps for the most popular user devices, which makes setting up and using the service very straight forward. 

- SSTP, L2TP, IPSec & PPTP provided on up to 256-bit data encryption.

- PureVPN offers 500+ servers across 141 countries.

- Users can connect to the VPN service across up to 5 devices simultaneously. 

- You can transfer unlimited data on PureVPN. 

- 24/7 live chat is provided on every single day of the year.

- Rather than using shared IPs, users can request a dedicated IP add-on for their PureVPN account.

- Very handy "internet kill switch" tool can be utilised.

The Software

The PureVPN software itself has been developed and designed to a very high level. Clear consideration has been placed on making the software as user-friendly as possible, while still giving you multiple options to customise your connection every time. 

Setting up an account is simple and takes just 2 minutes. You select the plan you wish to use, then after receiving a couple of emails providing you with your unique username and password, you are prompted to download the specific PureVPN software/app for the device(s) you will use the service on. This selection looks like so:

purevpn review devices

To give and example of how intuitive this device selection page is, here is a snapshot of me selecting the software for my Macbook:

purevpn review macbook

After having downloaded the software to your desired device, the installation process will request to begin immediately. This also takes just a few moments and only requires you to click through a few steps:

purevpn review setup 1

With the software now installed, you can go ahead and open it up to see exactly how quick the software loads and presents itself. Here you will asked to login to the service using the generated username and password you received via email upon creating you account when signing up:

purevpn review setup 2

Upon logging into the software, you will be asked to select what the primary purpose of your session will be, whether streaming, file-sharing, security, dedicated IP or simply "internet freedom":

purevpn review setup 3

Once you have chosen your purpose to connect to the VPN, you can then go ahead and decide which server location you want to connect through by simply clicking the button and choosing from the dropdown: 

purevpn review setup 4
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purevpn review setup 5

Then with your server location selected, simply hit "connect" and you will connected to the VPN in a matter of seconds. Here below is an example of me connecting from a Hungary location to a US based server that I selected in the previous step:

purevpn review setup 6
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purevpn review setup 7


To use PureVPN on your mobile device, you can grab the dedicated mobile app that PureVPN have developed for each of the most popular mobile OS (i.e. iOS, Android and Windows) as well as some others. 

For my mobile setup, I use an Android device and thus went to the Google Play Store on my smartphone and searched for the "PureVPN" app, downloaded it then installed it according:

purevpn review app 1
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purevpn review app 2
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purevpn review app 3

With the PureVPN installed on your mobile device, go ahead and open it up and you will -- as with the desktop software -- be prompted to login with your generated username + password. 

purevpn review app 4

After punching in your account details and logging into the app, the next step is again to select the main focus of your session on the VPN from the clearly defined options. Here's a look at how well-designed and user-friendly the app looks on an Android device:

purevpn review app 5

Then you can choose which server location you want to connect to the VPN through. This app is really well designed and is a breeze to use. Below is a look at the easy-to-navigate server location selection option:

purevpn review app 6

Once you have chosen your preferred server location to connect through, go ahead and connect to the VPN. You will be momentarily presented with a "connecting" screen that displays the connection you are making, which is a nice touch on the app designers' part. 

And then that's you connected to the PureVPN service on your mobile device. Very straight forward indeed. 

Once you are connected, you will be shown a screen that displays your status (connected or disconnected), along with a helpful dropdown menu in the top left as shown below:

purevpn review app 8
purevpn review app 9

When in said "Settings" option, you can edit and check out some handy tools like allowing to select specific cities within the server country location you want to connect to, as well as specifying the protocol you want to use:

purevpn review app 10

Thus concludes a quick walkthrough on how to setup PureVPN on both your desk/laptop device and mobile device in less than 5 minutes without any "technical expertise" required at all. 

PureVPN do a great job of offering software and apps that are super simple to setup and use, so you almost don't even need this quick guide!


Device compatibility, as you can expect from the previous section of this review, is where PureVPN perform very well. 

Users are able to setup and use PureVPN across any and (almost) all devices one would ever want to have a VPN connection setup on. From operating systems like Apple, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux to different devices like eReaders, home routers, games consoles and and smartTVs -- PureVPN is fully compatible and provides very easy-to-follow setup guides for all of these.

Speed & Performance

To get a personal, firsthand gauge of how PureVPN affects the speed of your connection, I conducted a simple speed test with speedtest.net that sent a ping from my device both without then with the VPN connected. 

Here are the results from said test, to give you an idea of how big or small an inevitable drop in speed to expect with PureVPN:

Without VPN:

purevpn review without_vpn

With VPN:

purevpn review with_vpn

As you can see, there was quite a considerable drop in speed when connected to the VPN. However, this is not too uncommon a drop since my internet was pretty fast to begin with. What this means is that, although the speed did drop a large amount, the performance of internet was barely impacted at all -- i.e. I could stream, download/upload and browse online content without any buffering or latency issues, which is what matters most. 

It's also worth noting that I tested a few other server locations on PureVPN to gauge the consistency of the speeds offered by this VPN service, and they remained steady practically across the globe. That's important. 


If you need any support for whatever reason with PureVPN, then this is where you -- in my opinion -- really get your money's worth. PureVPN boast readily available customer support 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year. 

Not only do they provide such dedicated round-the-clock support, but they also offer said support across multiple channels, giving you the option to contact a support agent to resolve your issue via email, a ticketing system and, most importantly, via live chat right on the website:

purevpn review live chat

The Website

Both aesthetically and navigationally, the PureVPN website has been designed and developed to a high standard. When you arrive right on the homepage, you are presented with the most important information you would want to know about this VPN service provider:

purevpn review 15

As you can see in the above shot of the homepage; you are clearly presented with the most significant navigational options including pricing, features and a link that lists the dedicated apps that PureVPN have developed. 

The PureVPN is definitely one of the top websites I have personally interacted with when compared against the many, many other VPN service websites I've experienced up to this point. Thankfully this attention to aesthetic and usability carries over consistently across the actual software and apps. 

Security & Privacy

The level of encryption experienced with a PureVPN connection is right up there with the best VPN services around today. You have the option of connecting through protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and even IKEv2 on up to 256-bit encryption, which is great. 

Unfortunately, although PureVPN take every security precaution to protect the privacy of every user's data on the service, PureVPN do state that if prompted by an official authoritative body, they will hand over your personal data behaviour. With that said, PureVPN have specifically chosen to base the service from Hong Kong as doing so means they are not legally obligated to retain a single bit of data from any user. 

What does this mean? It means that although VPN will comply with a legal body that requests access to a user's data with substantial evidence and a warrant to do so -- there is every possibility that PureVPN will have not retained this data. 


All in all, PureVPN is definitely one of the best performing VPN service providers on the market today. They are a long-time established service that have clearly developed massively over the years and worked hard to constantly improve their VPN service, software and apps to make setup and connection as simple and efficient as possible for users of all "technical" skill levels. 

With the price point being in the mid-to-high range, I do believe this is justified in the level of both consistent server speeds, server locations, stellar customer support and the software/app ease-of-use. 

Give PureVPN a try for yourself, since the service offers a 7 day money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose. If you do give it a try -- let me know in the comments below about your experience with this top service.

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