Simple Telly Review

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Simple Telly Review

UPDATED: February 19, 2016

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This is the most detailed Simple Telly review you will find online. You will find everything you need to know about Simple Telly in this review from pricing and speed performance, to customer support and device compatibilities. Included also is a straight forward setup guide to help you get Simple Telly setup quickly.

Company Summary

Simple Telly is a great SmartDNS service provider that sit affordably in the mid-to-low price range. Although the service has some very small improvements that could be made -- they proudly stand as the only SmartDNS provider we've encountered that offer applications for both Android and iOS devices, which makes getting setup with their SmartDNS a real breeze.

Homepage Snapshot

simple telly review

Pricing Summary

$4 for 1 month account
$10 for 3 month account
$30 for 1 year account

Number of Channels Offered:


Channel list below

Operating System Compatibility


  • Applications for both Android and iOS
  • Free trial offered
  • Comprehensive library of video tutorials to help users
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Not the biggest channel support list
  • Inconsistent branding

The Verdict

​Overall Simple Telly is one of the easiest to use SmartDNS providers I have personally interacted with. From account setup to setting up the actual DNS on multiple devices; it requires zero technical "expertise" to get going. Great channel selection offered across all regions you would want -- all for a very affordable monthly price. Read on for my full Simple Telly review below. 

Plans, Pricing & Payment Options


The plans offered by Simple Telly are standard, with three different levels of plans to fit every user's commitment and budget preferences:

simple telly review 1


As you can see in the image above, Simple Telly offer very affordable pricing options across each plan with the longer commitment you make; the cheaper monthly price you are required to pay. That said, even if you only want to commit to a rolling monthly plan with this SmartDNS provider, $4 is very cheap when compared against the other SmartDNS providers available offering the same level of service as Simple Telly. 


The primary methods of payment accepted by Simple Telly are standard, with PayPal and Credit/Debit Card preferred. However there is the option to setup payment through Bitcoin and/or Payment Wall, which is always good to offer as a more anonymity-protecting payment method choice. 

Only downside with using the latter anonymity-protecting payment options is that this process appears rather overly-complex to setup with Simple Telly, so if you really want to use either of these methods of payment then I would definitely advise going through it with their customer support. 

Money Back Guarantee

When you first sign up for a Simple Telly account you are given a 14-day free trial. This is always massively preferred to the "money back guarantee" introductory periods that most software providers offer, since by offering a free trial you are not required to provide any bank or payment details at all:

simple telly review 3

Only if you choose to continue your Simple Telly account after the 14 day free trial period are you required to setup payment and provide such details to continue using the SmartDNS service. Definitely appreciate this initial offering to try out the service without having to give payment details upfront. Good job, Simple Telly. 



With Simply Telly being a creation of longtime maker of geo-block-defying tools, Global Networks Service LTD, I was glad to see that this SmartDNS provider more than lives up to its creator's quality of service. 

The entire process of account setup and DNS connecting has clearly been very well conceived and designed to make for a very simple and quick user experience. As I also conducted this Simple Telly review on my Android smartphone through the service's dedicated app, I can happily report that the same attention to detail and ease-of-use carries over to Simple Telly's dedicated mobile apps, too. 


As I describe in detail in the next section of this Simple Telly review, the list of channels supported through this SmartDNS service are not the largest I have experienced, however this is coming from a real stickler like myself. For the average online media streamer Simple Telly's channel list is more than satisfactory. 


Of course with all SmartDNS providers there is no heavy consideration to user data privacy protection. Simple Telly is no different, with every DNS request you make being openly seen by the provider. With this being the norm across all SmartDNS services, it becomes all the more important to read through the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to fully understand what you are agreeing to in this respect. 

Thankfully, by looking at Simple Telly's Privacy Policy and T&Cs, I can clearly see that this provider goes above and beyond the duty of what's required of a SmartDNS service. Simple Telly only interact with your traffic that requires changing to allow for your geo-region to be changed accordingly - no more; no less. Also, all logs of your activity are deleted after one week of holding, and lastly being a Hong Kong based service means that Simple Telly have much less legal obligation to collect your transmitted data through their service, unlike SmartDNS providers based out the US or UK, for example. 

Sign Up & Setup Process


Signing up with Simple Telly is a total breeze. The only information you have to give them is literally your email address and that's it:

simple telly review 4
simple telly reviews
simple telly review 4

Once you've provided your email, you will instantly receive an email containing a link asking you to confirm your email address:

simple telly review 5

After clicking on your account confirmation link, you will be directed back to the Simple Telly website and presented with your account, with a clear button asking you to start your 14-day free trial. So go ahead and click this button and you will have successfully began your trial and activated your account:

simple telly review 6
simple telly review 7

While you were activating your account, you will also have received two additional emails from Simple Telly with one containing your account password and another welcoming you to the service and giving you the exact next steps required to get your Simple Telly SmartDNS setup on your device(s):

simple telly review 8
simple telly review 9


So you will go ahead and click on the link that takes you to the "Devices" area of the Simple Telly website, choose the setup guide for the device you're using, then go through the setup steps accordingly. Like I said, all setup guides are short and simply to follow, with video walkthroughs provided. 

To give you an idea of how the actual setup looks, here is a quick snapshot walkthrough of me setting up Simple Telly on my Macbook: 

simple telly review 11
simple telly review 12
simple telly review 13
simple telly review 14
simple telly review 15
simple telly review 16
simple telly review 17

As you can see, it's just a few simple steps with practically zero technical expertise required to get it all done. I definitely found this to be one of the most well laid out setup processes of all the SmartDNS providers I have reviewed to date. 

It's also worth quickly highlighting the dedicated app for both iOS and Android that Simple Telly have clearly put a lot of time and effort into developing. I was really happy to see a dedicated Simple Telly app show up when I searched the Google Play Store on my Android mobile device. 

Why? Because by having a dedicated app that you just need to download and install to get setup on the SmartDNS service through makes the whole process super straight forward:

simple telly review 18
simple telly review 19

Install the app and sign in with your account details. Once signed in you will be presented with the main home screen of the app, which looks like this: 

simple telly review 20

The app is nice and clean with its design, offering just a few simple options in a pop out menu from the left and drop down menu in the top right:

simple telly review 21


simple telly review 22

So with you signed into the app and familiar with the options available, all that's left for you to do is set the DNS setting and choose a region you want to access Simple Telly's channel list from. Here's a quick snapshot of both these screens on my Android mobile device to conclude this section:

simple telly review 23


simple telly review 24

Channels & Device Compatibility


Simple Telly currently support 141 channels across 4 standard countries (Australia, France, UK and USA) and 26 additional countries, with the latter having a more diluted channel offering. As mentioned earlier, this channel number offering is not the most comprehensive compared with other SmartDNS providers I have reviewed, however the main channels used by 99% of SmartDNS users (i.e. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc) are covered well:

simple telly review channel list 1
simple telly review channel list 2
simple telly review channel list 3
simple telly review channel list 4
simple telly review channel list 5

I was really happy to see that with the recent war that Netflix has begun raging against users accessing the service through "proxy services" (of which SmartDNS is one), Simple Telly has worked hard to allow a very large region access selection to Netflix through their service, including important regions like Australia and New Zealand.


Simple Telly work hard to allow their SmartDNS service to be compatible with every major device a user would want to use the service on. With 41 setup guides created at present, a clear effort is being made to make it as simple as possible for users to get the service setup as pain-free and quickly as possible:

simple telly review 10

After using the according setup guides for both OS X and Android devices, I can confirm that they are incredibly well put together and easy to follow. A real plus is that every guide includes a video walkthrough of the process, which is always massively appreciated. 

Speed & Performance

After a few days of using the Simple Telly SmartDNS service on both my Macbook and Android smartphone, I have nothing but good things to say about the actual performance of the service. 

The connections are consistent across all regions and I experienced no inaccessibility issues with the various channels through all the regions I accessed them through. No DNS leaks occurred during my usage of Simple Telly, which was a big plus for those of you that care about data privacy. 

I also did a quick speed test over at and was very happy to see that the speed after connecting through Simple Telly's DNS address on my Macbook suffered no loss at all. This is to be expected from SmartDNS providers as this is a huge benefit to using this IP address-changing method over, say, a VPN for example. However, it's still good to get firsthand confirmation of this great speed performance. 


Simple Telly provide three common avenues of support for all users. These consist of a ticket-submission system (highlighted below), a comprehensive FAQ section filled with answers to 99% of the most common problems that may arise when using the service and a fairly responsive/active social media presence. 

simple telly review 25

You can also reach them via email if you wish to at, although they do seem to respond most promptly to ticket submissions. 

The Website

The Simple Telly site, although not the most 'modern' and 'sleek' design, is more than clear and user-friendly. Getting around it is very straight forward, with clear navigation options atop and in the footer of the site throughout:

simple telly review 26

The main information you care most about is clearly displayed as soon as you land on the website, which is great. I was however a little disappointed to not see the price plans displayed on the homepage nor anywhere else easily accessible throughout the site. This was a little annoying and I can imagine is information most users visiting the site are looking to get ASAP. 


Overall I am impressed with Simple Telly's SmartDNS service. They provide a simple (pun intended) and very easy to use service without sacrificing the actual performance of the SmartDNS in consistency, speed and variety of channels + regions supported. 

There are definitely SmartDNS providers out there that offer support for a larger volume of channels and regions, however such services do not offer such an affordable price point like Simple Telly does. 

Highly recommend giving this SmartDNS service provider a try, especially considering you can do this for 14 days without having to pay anything. 

Thanks for reading this Simple Telly review and be sure to check out this service here to give it a shot yourself:

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