TotalVPN Review

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TotalVPN Review

UPDATED: May 4, 2016

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This is the most detailed full TotalVPN review available right now. In this review you will get all the information you could possibly want to know about TotalVPN -- from pricing plans and speed performance to support and device compatibility. Included is a detailed setup guide to help you get TotalVPN setup on your devices quickly and easily.

Company Summary

TotalVPN is a hot new VPN provider that offers a service that serves to be as simple to use as possible -- without sacrificing top speed and encryption levels. They offer a free plan, which acts as a great way to try out the service on a basic level before deciding if it satisfies your needs or not. Continue below to read the full TotalVPN review and get our opinion of this newcomer.

Homepage Snapshot

totalvpn review 2

Pricing Summary

Free plan available
$12.29 p/month for 1 year
$17.61 p/month for 1 month

Operating System Compatibility

VPN Protocols Offered






  • ​Great user experience

  • ​Very simple registration and setup

  • Good server location library


  • ​Unclear automatic pricing upgrades

  • ​Paying via Paypal means waiting up to 24 hours before getting access to full VPN service

The Verdict

TotalVPN is a VPN service provider that has put a large amount of time and effort into developing a software and app interface that is very high quality. The user experience is up there with the best I have interacted with to date. Where TotalVPN falls short is by not being clear and transparent with the automatic price increase that occurs after the first month when signing up for a paid plan. 

Full TotalVPN Review

Pricing, Plans & Payments Options


TotalVPN is one of the most expensive VPN providers I have come across to date. They charge competitive introductory price points to new users, but after this initial "grace" period, the price increases quite a bit. The exact pricing is actually quite ambiguous and not clearly displayed on the website, with different offerings shown depending on where you navigate to:

totalvpn review 1
totalvpn review 2
totalvpn review 3


As you can see in the above screenshots, the plans offered by TotalVPN are spread across 3 different commitment lengths, with the monthly price reducing for the longer period you choose to commit to. 


You can pay for TotalVPN through either credit card or PayPal. These are definitely the two most commonly preferred payment options for online users, however it is a little disappointing to not find a few more options available. With such a high price point, I expected to at least be given some anonymity-protecting payment methods like Bitcoin.

totalvpn review 4

Money back Guarantee

A 30-day money back guarantee is offered for new users to TotalVPN. Although you are required to pay upfront, you are fully entitled to cancel your membership within the first 30 days and receive a full refund. I went through this cancellation process after testing the software, and it was taken care of within 10 minutes of talking with a support team member via live chat on site:

totalvpn review 5


TotalVPN is definitely a feature-rich VPN service that packs a lot of top quality stuff into what it delivers. Users are provided with the following feature sets:

- TotalVPN offers unlimited data for all paying users of the service.

- PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and IkeV2 protocols are provided across all server connections.

- There are no bandwidth caps placed on user connections.

- 30+ server locations are available to choose from.

- Both software and applications, along with the website are designed to a very high standard.

The Software

As mentioned earlier in this TotalVPN review, the software has been developed and designed to a very high level. The signup and setup process is incredibly simple and quick, requiring zero "technical" know-how to go through. 

Once you have chosen the plan you want to setup an account with, you will receive a welcome email that prompts you to check out your account area on the site:

totalvpn review 6

With your account setup and ready, you will want to download the software/app to the device(s) you plan to use TotalVPN on. There is a clean and simple download area on the TotalVPN website where you do this from. Simply choose the according download and begin the installation. 

As you will see in the shot below, TotalVPN are very intuitive and actually figure out the device you are currently using, and thus present you with the associated download link for that device. For example, I was using my Macbook when downloading the software -- so I was displayed this screen:

totalvpn review 8

The installation will begin immediately once you've downloaded the software, which will consist of just clicking through a few steps to finalise full installation of the software:

totalvpn review 9
totalvpn review 10
totalvpn review 9

After installation has completed, the software will pop open automatically. You will be presented with the main login screen (shown below) so fire in your email and password and in a few moments you will be logged into the software and ready to connect.

totalvpn review 10

The first thing you are shown when logged into the software is a quick welcome walkthrough popup that shows you the various ways that using TotalVPN will protect and enhance your privacy and online security, which is a nice on-boarding touch:

totalvpn review 11
totalvpn review 12
totalvpn review 13

Once you've clicked through these insights, you will be looking at the main home screen for the TotalVPN software. When you first try the software, the chances are that you chose the free trial version. Thus, you will have a limited version of the software in front of you, which restricts the speeds you get along with only a few server locations offered to connect to:

totalvpn review 13

After I was presented with this limited free version of the TotalVPN software, I went ahead and upgraded my account to the 1 month paid plan to really get a feel for the full capabilities of this VPN service. 

This was when I experienced a little negative factor to TotalVPN. Upon signing up for the paid plan, I saw that after the initial discounted price, my next month price jumped up more than double (from €9 to €19). This was quite a shock as -- although they do mention vaguely on the website below the price plans -- TotalVPN did not clearly state just how large a price increase would occur after the discounted first month. 

In addition to this unwelcome surprise, I was also informed that since I made payment through PayPal, I would have to wait a full 24 hours before getting access to the full, paid version of the TotalVPN service. 

I was very disappointed with this, as I have not experienced such a delay between payment and usage of a VPN service before. 

So after having to wait 24 hours to try out the full paid version of TotalVPN, I finally got access. Here's a quick glimpse of how the connection process looks in TotalVPN. As you can see, selecting a preferred server location is super easy via the left sidebar list of all available locations. So just choose the one you wish to join, then hit "Connect":

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How to watch Dubai World Cup horse racing 2016 online
totalvpn review 15

Super intuitive and well designed interface that TotalVPN have developed here. Very impressive and one of the easiest VPN service software interfaces I have experience, so kudos to the team for this. 


TotalVPN have dedicated applications for both iOS and Android, which is fantastic as this makes setup and connecting to the VPN service super quick and simple. 

For my review of TotalVPN's mobile app, I used my Android smartphone. So the following quick setup walkthrough will be based on this. 

To get the app, just head to the app store (or Google Play Store in my case) and search for "TotalVPN":

Once you have installed and downloaded the app onto your mobile device, you can open it up and get started on connecting. This process all takes just a few moments to go through:


Pop in your login details and you'll be taken to the main home screen for the mobile app, which you can see above. This screen is very simple to navigate, allowing you to either quick connect to the fastest server TotalVPN decides on for your current location -- or to alternatively click on the option bar in the top left and select from the variety of server locations offered:

How to watch Dubai World Cup horse racing 2016 online
How to watch Dubai World Cup horse racing 2016 online
How to watch Dubai World Cup horse racing 2016 online

The whole connection process takes just a few seconds. With your connection made, you will have successfully changed your IP address and encrypted your online activity to a super high level with TotalVPN. Good stuff. 

So all in all as you can see, the dedicated TotalVPN app is a very well developed and designed application that definitely has even the most non-tech savvy user's best interests at heart. 


When considering the different devices and operating systems thereon that TotalVPN works fluently with, you have no worries. This VPN provider has clearly put a large amount of time and effort into making the service compatible across all the most commonly used devices for online activity, from Mac to Windows to iOS to Android to Linux; laptops to desktops to smartTVs to games consoles and even home routers. 

You can use TotalVPN on every device you would want to have a VPN setup on. In addition, very clear and concise setup guides are provided by TotalVPN on how to set the service up on all supported devices, which is great. 

totalvpn review devices
totalvpn review devices 2

Speed & Performance

When considering which VPN service provider to go for, speed of servers is priority number one for many users. If the main reason for using a VPN is to access geo-restricted online media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu -- then choosing a VPN service that gives as little speed-loss as possible when connected is of the utmost importance. 

I ran a simple speed test on TotalVPN using As you will see from the test results screenshot below, the drop in speed with TotalVPN was not the best:

Without VPN:

totalvpn review without_vpn

With VPN (US server):

totalvpn review with_vpn_us

With VPN (UK Server):

totalvpn review with_vpn_uk

Even taking into consideration the fast internet speeds in my location at the time of the speed test, the experienced loss in speed was quite significant. I tested some media streaming services while connected to TotalVPN and no buffering or quality issues were experienced though, which is great. 


Customer support with TotalVPN is great. No other way to describe it. The live chat on site is always a welcomed channel to get support via. I will say however, that the wait time was quite long (15+ minutes) each time I utilised the live chat. 

In addition, a negative was noted in customer support for the sheer length of time I had to wait before being allowed to use the premium (paid) version of TotalVPN, which is something I have not experience with any VPN service until now. 

All in all though, the support is timely and definitely helpful across both ticketing channels and onsite live chat.

The Website

As with the software and application design + layout, TotalVPN's website is beautifully user friendly and sleek in its aesthetic. Here's a quick shot of what users are presented with when arriving on the homepage:

totalvpn review homepage

As you can see, the layout is simple yet modern. the navigation atop the site throughout is intuitive and displays links to the most important information that any user would want to check out most of all when considering TotalVPN. 

This aesthetic and navigational ease is carried throughout the entire site, with the overall design itself remaining consistent onto the software and app interfaces. This definitely makes a big difference to the overall user experience, in a positive way. 

Security & Privacy

Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and IkeV2 are offered on up to 256-bit level encryption, which is the standard top level security encryption you would want from a premium VPN service like TotalVPN. 

Unfortunately connection logs are kept of all users, which means that the highly desired "zero-logging" policy is not provided with TotalVPN. This means your activity is not as anonymity-protected as it could be on other VPN service providers that do offer zero-logging policies. 


Ultimately, TotalVPN is a mixed bag. The level of service is solid when you consider ease-of-setup, use and feature offerings. The speeds -- although not the fastest -- are consistent across all server locations and have virtually zero downtime, which is great. 

However, the significant increase in membership charges that occur, which are not transparently stated prior to purchasing a paid account, definitely leaves a sour taste in my mouth. This, coupled with not being able to start using the VPN service immediately upon paying made for an overall disappointing first impression of this provider. 

Giving the benefit of the doubt, TotalVPN are a new VPN service provider and thus these issues may just be the inevitable "young mistakes" that any new service experiences, which, if so, I hope TotalVPN amend and correct as soon as possible. This VPN has a lot of potential to be great, so we'll definitely be keeping a keen eye on the service as it ages and develops. 

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