Do VPNs Protect from DDoS?

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Do VPNs Protect from DDoS?

Updated: June 25, 2017
**This Answer is STILL TRUE**

Quick Answer

Yes, they do. A VPN allows users to surf the web using an anonymous IP Address. AS this information is crucial for a DDoS attack, the use of a VPN should offer protection from DDoS attacks.

The follow VPN provider uses the best protocols to deliver their service while using a little of your mobile data as possible:

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Detailed Answer

The online world is an increasingly dangerous one, with all number of state and non-state actors interested in looking at what you are doing online and, on occasions, hacking into your device or attacking your internet connection.

This increased level of threat is one of the reasons why so many people these days are turning to a VPN to give them additional privacy and security when they are online. But perhaps fewer people are aware of how a VPN can help with the growing problem of DDoS attacks. In this article, we aim to put that right.

What is a DDoS?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and is a form of cyber-attack. A DDoS occurs when a single system is targeted by multiple systems which flood its bandwidth or resources causing it to crash. It is a relatively simple form of cyber-attack, and is becoming increasingly complex to deal with as attacks become more sophisticated.

Who is likely to be targeted?

In theory anyone can be targeted by a DDoS, but there are certain online users and organizations who can be particularly vulnerable.

a. Online Gamers: Online gaming is huge these days and for more than a few players it can be a case of win-at-all-costs. It is therefore not as unusual as it should be for your opponent to use a DDoS to slow your internet speed. This in turn slows your ability to react in the game and thus makes it much easier for your opponent to defeat you.

b. E-Commerce Websites: Plenty of people have turned to e-commerce either as their principal means of income, or else as a way of making a handy few extra dollars on the side. Unfortunately, DDoS’ by competitors against other E-Commerce sites is also an increasingly phenomenon. Suh an attack can leave you unable to process payments and therefore drive customers to your competitors.

c. Forex Traders: Another way an increasing number of people are looking to make a little extra cash is through Forex Trading, the online trading of currency to make profits. In Forex trading, real-time knowledge of the markets is crucial and even the slightest delay can potentially cost you big. DDoS attacks are therefore a huge threat and like all such users, Forex Traders are increasingly looking for a way to protect themselves against such attacks.

How can a VPN help?

A VPN works by channeling user’s internet traffic through an encrypted pathway to an external server. This act hides the users original IP Address, as the IP Address they protect when visiting other sites is the IP Address of the server rather than their own.

A DDoS attack is dependent on flooding the users connection with traffic, so if this connection cannot be established, a DDoS is unable to have a significant impact.

Many VPNs also now offer optional extras to their core product with additional features to help users most at risk of attack, particularly small businesses, further mitigate the risks.

What extra features does a DDoS Protected VPN offer?

There are a number of different VPN providers who offer a dedicated DDoS Protected service, or who otherwise have add-ons and extras that you can purchase to work alongside their core product.

Needless to say the functions and effectiveness of each provider varies, but as a general rule this additional product will include such functions as:

· Unlimited bandwidth

· Protection against unlimited attacks of all durations

· 3Tbps+ of network strength

· The use of anti-DDOS servers located in various places, most usually across Central & Western Europe and North America

· Automatic detection and activation

These additional features are worth looking at if you are likely to suffer a material loss you cannot afford from a DDoS, or if you find yourself falling victim frequently.

If this is not the case for you, our best advice would be to use a regular VPN which will already offer you the anonymity you should need to mitigate the risk of an attack.

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