How Much is a VPN?

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How Much is a VPN?

Updated: March 30, 2016

Quick Answer

It depends how much you want to pay. There are a number of VPNs which are available for free, whilst some can charge up to as high as $200 a year. Typically, costs for the most popular VPN services range from $6-8 a month, with discounts available if you pay in advance for a longer period of time.

Detailed Answer

Trying to answer the question how much is a VPN is similar to answering the question how much is a car, or a house, or a holiday. There are a lot of different providers and hundreds of variable factors to take into account. Therefore, giving a single, or indeed simple, answer is nigh on impossible.

A blunt response would be to say, you can pay as little or as much as you want.

There are a number of free VPNs on the market which offer a decent level of service. But if opt for one of these there are compromises you will have to make.

Equally, there are some VPN providers which charge fees way above those of their competitors. You might imagine that they are the best VPNs on the market, but that isn’t always the case either.

Why wouldn’t I just choose a free VPN?

You can choose a free VPN and they will provide you with a basic level of service and do the essential jobs you expect of a VPN. But there is usually a compromise to be made somewhere. After all, VPN providers are business and they have to make money to cover their costs and turn a profit somehow.

Therefore, if you are not paying a fee to them, they must make their money somewhere else. Some free VPNs offer a limited service and they will be trying to persuade you to upgrade your package with them. If you can live with service limitations and withstand pressures to sign up, they might be a good option for you.

But other free VPNs might make money by selling your user data commercially. As most people sign up for a VPN in order to increase their online privacy, this practice is usually not welcome, and more often than not will be buried in the small print that most of us don’t read.

To summarize, our suggestion here at is that a free VPN is worthwhile if you really can’t afford to pay for one. Any sort of VPN is better than nothing. But there is a lot to be said for parting with even a few dollars a month for a much better service.

How much is too much to pay?

If you can afford to pay top whack, it is of course not for us to say how much is too much for you to pay. But what we can say, is that you do not need to pay the rates that some VPNs will charge you.

To pick one at random, let’s use StrongVPN as an example. They are pretty popular in the USA, but as our review makes clear, the level of service they offer does not justify the prices they charge. A delux package with them costs from $12.92 a month. But they still offer poor privacy provisions, static IP Addresses and a limit on the number of times you can switch servers.

There is no reason to part with such sums when there are market leading VPNs available at much more affordable prices.

So what should I be looking to pay?

As we have already said, the amount you pay is your decision, but there are some extremely good VPNs on the market at pretty reasonable prices.

For example, from our current Top 10 VPN Providers, ExpressVPN, our current number 1, costs just $8.32 a month. Buffered is a shade under this at $8.25 a month, CactusVPN is $6,99, while IPVanish is just $6.49 a month.

If this seems to high, you could opt for CyberGhost at $5.83 a month or even NordVPN at a mere $4 a month.

All of these providers outperform their higher priced competitors, like StrongVPN, at a fraction of the price, and it is these sorts of prices that we would advise most users to be paying.


The price of a VPN can vary hugely depending on the provider you choose and the level of service you desire. It is easy to pay a high price, but completely unnecessary in our view. Free VPNs are available but there is always a compromise to be made on service.

Therefore, we would recommend you opt for a mid-range priced provider, where you can expect to pay between $6 and $8 for some of the best VPN services on the market today.

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