VPN That Works in School: What VPN Works in School?

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What VPN Works in School?

Updated: December 12, 2016

Quick Answer

Any of the best VPNs on the market will work well in school. We would recommend taking a look at our Best VPN list, reading the reviews, and deciding which is best for you. Short of that, our number one always has to do something pretty special to get to the top of the list, so you will never go far wrong by opting for that.

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Detailed Answer

A VPN is the ideal tool for unblocked restricted content on the internet. Many users are already familiar with the way a VPN can help you access geo-restricted content regardless of where you are in the world, and also how they can help you get round state censorship. But another increasingly common use is in schools where pupils will often find that their access to many internet sites is restricted.

A VPN offers a simple, cost-effective solution to these restrictions, and in this short article we will explain how this works and what VPN works in school.

Why do schools block access to some websites?

The reasons most schools have restrictions on the content that can be viewed on their network are usually far less sinister than the reasons for other restriction on internet access around the world. A school’s internet connection will mostly be used by young people, and these young people are in an educational environment and therefore supposed to be learning.

Schools therefore quite understandably attempt to block access for their students to any inappropriate content, but also often any content which might be used to procrastinate and avoid doing their work. This might include social media sites, online streaming services, shopping sites, and numerous other things.

Isn’t this a good thing?

On this face of it this might seem a good thing, but unfortunately the type of blocking that schools usually do is not the most precise and in an effort to stop students from wasting their time and not studying, it is frequently found that they have also blocked sites that students actually need to access as part of their studies.

Therefore, while it might be done with the best of intentions, content blocking in schools frequently hampers student studying as much as it helps it.

So how can I get around such content blocking in my school?

Using a VPN enables students to get round such content blocking and access all of the sites they need in order to complete their studies. And by setting up an encrypted link to a server outside the school network, they are not only enabling access to whatever sites they need, but they are doing so in an anonymous way, which means the school IT team does not have to know that their restrictions are being bypassed.

This can be done either by logging into a VPN on a school device (although in this situation you will usually have to download the software which may prove impossible) or by using your own device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, with the VPN software already downloaded. Once on site, all you have to do is log into your VPN and away you go.

So which VPN is best to use in school?

There are no VPNs that are specially targeted at school users, or which offer any extra functions which are of use to school pupils in particular.

We would therefore advise most students to take a look at our latest recommendations for the Best VPN on the market at the moment. We have reviewed almost every major VPN on the market at the moment, and offer the most comprehensive reviews of any site on the web.

We also frequently return to try out VPNs again and update our reviews according to our new experiences. Our Top Ten VPNs is therefore complete up-to-date and 100% reliable. You can read all about the different VPNs available and make a choice depending on what you want to pay, and the quality of the service they offer.

The list includes VPNs for all budgets, including free ones, and at the time of writing our number one pick is ExpressVPN. It isn’t the cheapest on the market but in terms of connections speeds, reliability, and security, it is a clear market leader at the moment. However, the list is regularly updated, so do take a look to see if anyone has leapfrogged them in the meantime.


There are plenty of VPNs on the market, and if you want to use a VPN to unblock content in your school, any of the market leaders should be able to do the job for you. So for our latest recommendation of the best VPN to use, take a look at our top ten, read the reviews, and pick the service which sounds best to you.

If that sounds to arduous, just go with our number one pick. Trust us, you won’t go far wrong!

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